Balancing The Busy

If you follow my family on Instagram then you know this title is appropriate! #busy  We are the White’s and I have 3 adorable (I say that because they’re mine) little boys!  Life with boys is oh so fun!  They definitely keep me on my toes.  One is usually wanting to build something, while the other is trying to get a game of nerf baseball going in the house and my youngest is crawling around wishing he could join in on the fun!
My oldest is turning 8 in a few months and is in 2nd grade.  He is a lover of dinosaurs, any competition and all things science related.  Then there is my 5 year old, AKA ball of energy!  He loves all sports, a good foot race and his brothers.  My youngest is turning 1 in September.  He is the missing puzzle piece to our suburban life!  He is laid back and as my mother-in-law always says our “bonus baby.”
I am a stay at home mom/wife/part-time blogger/homeroom mom/team mom and so on…… Balancing a life with kids can be tricky and it is an everyday battle.  As a mom and wife, you must make time for yourself so you are your best for those that depend on you.  Right?  I know when I am tired, sick, cranky or just plain blah….no one wants to be around me and I don’t blame them.  So how do we balance?  And how do we know what needs to be balanced?
1. Staying Active
I do my best to live a healthy, clean eating life style with a little fun in between. I stay active and focus on getting my workouts in, but I have learned as I have gotten older that if I skip a day because the baby was up all night, or I just am not feeling it……THAT IS OK!  I use to get anxiety when I didn’t get a workout in. I just know if I skip one day I make sure I am active the next.
I also change up my workouts.  I love to run and at one point in my life, I ran almost everyday. Again, life and balance and well to be honest…my knees got in the way.  I run 1-2 times a week now mixed in with other varieties of cardio, HIIT, stretching and if my sister is around….yoga!   As moms we must find that balance of healthy and happy along side our children.  Setting a good example for them is important.
What are some at home workouts that you love?
Driveway workouts with my boys are fun. I put my baby in the bouncer, while my older two play basketball or do some of my workouts with me.  It usually ends up to racing up and down the driveway, but hey at least they are staying active and I am getting a workout in!
2. Spending time with my husband
Our lives are so fast paced that when it comes to balance we sometimes forget our significant other.  My husband does some traveling for his job, so finding balance around that is a priority for me. We try to do a date night once a month.  We are blessed with grandparents that live close and can help make that happen.  I know it is hard when you don’t have family close.
What are some ways you make your date night happen?
 I know when Ryan and I can’t get out we try doing things at home.  For example, we will feed the kids early and get them settled or off to bed, so we can eat a meal together, or have a dessert and watch a movie on the couch!  How great is that?  When Disney Jr. is on your TV non stop or the Astros (which I love)  then a good movie is a needed change of pace.  We also use to play boards game.  Sounds silly, but give it a try.  We always end up trying to win and laughing at each other while blaming the other for being so compettive!   The last game we played was Upwords.  We were out of town with friends and after getting all the kids to bed, we dusted off Upwords, which is similar to Scrabble.  We never laughed so hard at our made up words or who was winning.  Ryan does sacrifice and play games because he knows I love them.
3. Home life with kids
When our little Weston arrived last September, our lives were filled with a love like no other once again.  He is along for the ride, as you will hear most parents say when they talk about that 3rd child. My older two are busy with sports, school and becoming little men, while helping this mom take care of their little brother.  Again, balance comes into play.  I have taught my boys responsibility from the beginning.  It is a learning process for sure and usually a daily reminder is needed, but it helps me so much to have them be independent at home.  Like setting out their clothes for school, picking up dirty clothes and putting their shoes in their shoe basket by the door.  We have even started doing chores, like helping with the trash, putting up dishes and putting up their clothes after they have been washed.
What are some kid friendly chores you have started with your kids?
This can be a huge help to you.  While you are a hard working mom, find little things that your kids can do to help you around the house, so you stay balanced and the best you can be.
4.  Work
Of course, balancing your job, work, career is another must!  We all have different roles we must play, but at the same time finding a good balance with your career will be so helpful with your home life.  Working from home, my schedule is a little more flexible right now. But when I was a teacher, figuring out how to stay active, eat healthy and get quality time was hard.  I believe scheduling is key!
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No matter your schedule, make time for you.
Rather its 10 minutes of quiet time in the morning before anyone is up, or enjoy lunch alone to relax and reset; make time to enjoy yourself.  In this stage of my life, I work when my 1 year old naps.  He is napping 2 times a day, and one of those naps is usually in the car because we are taking my older boys to school or to an activity.  So, when he naps at home I make the most of it!  Some days, I take a shower and look presentable for the day….lets be honest casual workout attire is my go to outfit!  Other days I tackle chores around the house, or get a workout in.  Again finding what balances you and makes your light shine bright is important!
Balancing our lives is a must!  No matter what stage of life you are in, what balance do you want to find?  I know my balance is staying active, my home life with my husband and kids, and my part time blogger life that I love to do.  Some days I get it all done and others I don’t!
I challenge you to pick one area to balance in your life and focus on it for two weeks.  What changes did you see?  Did you find it helpful in your everyday life?

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