The Velvet Trend…..Who’s In?

There are so many new trends this year that I am excited about, and I can’t wait to try them all!  Which ones are you loving or passing on this season?

I dipped into the velvet trend, which takes me way back to 7th grade and my velvet black Vans.  Man, I wish I had kept those!  Instead of the Vans, I picked up this top that is the prettiest shade of brown, with a hint of blush.  When I saw that it was under $20, I thought…..why not!?  Let’s give velvet a try.  I paired it with these distressed jeans and black mules that are under $24 and come in silver and pink too!!  This is an easy casual outfit, and by adding velvet it adds a dressed up feel at the same time.

Velvet trend, easy fall style, fall trends

Shop the Outfit:  jeans | mules | sunglassesSimilar Velvet Tops- Nordstrom | A&F (under $25)  | Loft

I sometimes feel when I am trying out a trend I don’t like to spend a ton of money on it.  This top does its job and satisfies my velvet craving.  It will also be perfect for layering this fall.

Velvet Trend, easy fall style, fall trends

When the weather starts to cool off, layering this top with a cardigan will be perfect!  Mixing the two fabrics keeps this look on trend and so stylish!  I spotted this cardigan while doing my usual “try to make it out of Target without spending $100” shopping trip.  This cardigan is under $25 and comes in 7 colors.  I bought the gray and blush for this fall, but thinking I should grab the navy & cream too.  For reference, I went with a medium for a longer, oversized look in the cardigan.

velvet trend, fall trends, easy fall outfit, perfect for layering


velvet trend, fall trends, easy fall outfit, layering

Shop the outfit:   jeans mules | cardigan |similar cardigansunglasses 

I also like the idea of layering this velvet top with a subtle pattern, like this camo military jacket.  Throw on your favorite shoes and you are ready for the day!

velvet trends, fall trends, easy fall outfit

Shop the outfit:   jeans mules | camo jacket | sunglasses

If you are excited about the velvet trend that has hit retailers, then I say dive in!  Grab a pair of shoes, or a tank to layer, don’t spend a fortune and have fun with it!  I scouted out some fun velvet pieces that are all under $30!!!  So, if you are like me and not sure if you like it or love it, check these out!  (Links are below pictures)


Click links to view above items:

Target Velvet Pieces- bomber jacket | long-sleeve dress | peplum top

Velvet Shoes – Flats (my faves) | Slip-ons | Loafers |

If you are 100% all in,  I linked a few other items that I LOVE & would be great to mix into your wardrobe.


Loft-  skirt | bomber jacket | sneakers (come in blush too)

Khol’s- chain strap handbag (comes in 3 colors)| Crossbody Bag

Velvet Trend, velvet accessories, fall trends

Velvet Trend, velvet accessories, fall trends

Outfit:  jeans | top-similar |  mules |  sunglasses | handbag 

When adding velvet to your outfit, it can be a small statement to dress up an everyday outfit or go bold with a velvet dress or romper.  A velvet handbag or shoes are also two great ways to add this fun trend into your closet, without feeling like you are wearing it.

Will you try velvet this season?  If so, are you all in or just want one piece?  Which pieces are your favorites?

XO, Ja’Net

Shop my pictures:

 jeans mules | cardigan | similar cardigan | camo jacket | stripe top –similar | sunglasses | velvet bag

Similar Velvet Tops- Nordstrom | A&F (under $25)  | Loft 

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