Getting Organized In The New Year

Happy New Year friends!

How is everyone doing this first week of the new year?  I like to say new year, but same ole me!! 🙂  I love when the new year rolls around because it is time to get back on track and “clean up” what I have let slide.

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During this time I like to reflect on the previous year and start making notes on goals for the new year.  Waiting until after the holidays is easier for me because after Christmas I am either too exhausted to think or just trying to clean up all the Christmas madness that was at our house!

Making a new year plan can be helpful in many ways.  I start with deciding what is most important for me right now.   Everyone is at different stages in their lives, so you mustn’t compare yourself to what someone else is doing.  I have listed tips that I like to live by when I am working towards a goal.  They may seem obvious to some, but it is a good reminder when March hits, and I am goal checking.


  1. Make a list – Decide what is most important to YOU- this is something that may take some thinking.  Sit down and really decide what you want to work on or change this year.
  2. Start – Choose when you want to start.  If jumping in 100% isn’t going to work for you, then don’t do it.  Start small and slow, adding a little at a time.  Pretty soon you will notice the changes you want to see.
  3. Maintain – Consistency is key!  Being consistent while working towards a goal is the only way to get there.
  4. Hard work – There are no short cuts.  It takes hard work to achieve your goals.  Focus on what you want to do and go for it!
  5. Accountability – Tell someone about your goals, have a buddy for fitness goals, have a check-in monthly, or join a challenge group.

To be successful with any goal you must be ORGANIZED!  We all feel 10X better when our lives are organized and uncluttered!  I’ve listed some easy ways to start organizing your life.  When my life is organized, I am ready to take on my goals and challenges.  Being organized can clear your head, your mind and space.


  1. Pantry and fridge clean out –  This is a must for me.  Especially during the new year when we are getting back on track and trying to eat healthier.  I toss all the holiday treats, leftovers and anything that is going to tempt me while I am focusing on better eating.  Below is an easy way to organize your kids snacks in Home Goods clear containers, so they can see what is available.  Next up, check dates and toss anything expired.  I like to replace my seasonings this time of year.  Most expire after one year.  Doing a food clean out also helps me get refocused before I start a regimen like Whole 30.ORganize-pantry.jpg
  2. Car Clean out – My car gets extra messy during the holidays.  I am not sure if it’s because the kids are in it more, or if it’s the pile of returns in the back seat.  I take everything out and get a good wash on the inside and out.  Merry Christmas to me.!  🙂 Then I can clean out all the items I took out and toss what isn’t needed before putting it back in the car.
  3. Mail/Returns – Don’t stack all these items in your car or on the counter.  I have a spot in my mudroom where returns go.  So, I can get them organized in my house and plan a day to take care of those after holiday returns.  This also keeps your car clean and if you are like me, I actually forget the returns are in my car.
  4. Beauty/Bathroom – I am not a hoarder of products, but they can get overwhelming. This is a good time to go through nail polishes, lotions, sunscreens, etc…. Most of them do have expiration dates.  If it is expired toss it!  Any products that you haven’t used in the last 6 months…….TOSS!
  5. Closet – Who doesn’t love a good closet clean out!?  I had a friend come organize my closet years ago.  She gave me great tips!  First off, she color coded my clothes and put everything on nice hangers.  Just doing those two things can make a huge difference.  She also tossed shoes with dust.  So, if something has dust on it you don’t wear it!  I also like to follow the rule, if you buy a new top, give one away.  Same goes for all your clothes.  You will never become overwhelmed with your closet if you give away every time you buy.  I am going to do this in the new year!
  6. Junk drawer- I try to clean this out at least once every few months.  There is no purpose for a junk drawer.  I am renaming mine, hide the SH*T when people come over drawer!  No really, I am making this drawer a place for my planner, pens, receipts, coupons, etc.  These are items I use daily, and don’t need to see them on the counter 24-7.  Having a drawer for them will keep the counter clean and less clutter lying around.
  7. Baskets – Create a space for those “extra” things that lay around the house.  For example, I created shoes baskets for my kids.  When they come in the door, they know to put their shoes in the basket.  This way there are not shoes lying all over the place.  Also, having a tub or basket on the stairs for my kids to bring up at the end of the day.  This can be filled with clean laundry, books, toys etc.  Its just nice to have one spot to set these items, so I am not running up and down the stairs all day.


Baskets-(old)| similar in black | similar | Basket with handles | basket with handles | mini chalkboard signs

8. Seasonal decor – When you are putting away decorations, this is your chance to organize and give away.  If I didn’t set it out for the holiday season, then it goes in the donation pile.  I am the queen of buying things for the holidays because I can’t remember what I have.  So, purge and donate before packing all those holidays items back up!


**My organizational goal is to start organizing rooms one by one.  My 15 month old naps for 2 hours most afternoons.  This is my free time to work, clean, cook what ever I need to do that day.  I plan to set a timer for 45 minutes on the days I am organizing.  My phone will be put away with all other distractions and I will designate that 45 minutes to cleaning and organizing.  When the timer goes off, I am done for the day.  I am hoping the timer will help me stay focused on one project.  I tend to wander and get side tracked when I am organizing.  Like, I will start in the pantry and some how end up organizing the guest room.

I am excited for the new year and can’t wait to share some before and after pictures as I work my way through my house and organize it! Having an organized life leads to goal achievement!  What other goals have you set for yourself this year?  And what organizing tips do you love?

XO, Ja’Net

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