Fall Decor: Filling Your Dough Bowl

Happy Fall friends!

October is here! This is one of my favorite months out of the year. I just love everything about holiday time. October is filled with cooler weather, festivals, pumpkin patches, and hot coffee!

My boys of course are super excited for Halloween. I will get them to love the other stuff eventually. ;). I am excited to share a new blog post with you today that is something different than I normally share. After sharing a few small pictures on my Instagram stories of my fall decor, some VERY kind and sweet friends asked if I would blog about it, and encouraged me to actually post it!

The thing about Instagram stories is it lasts for 24 hours so it’s not a big commitment. Does that make sense? So if I put it on stories, some people see it, some don’t. And it disappears in 24 hours. So, if it was hideous at least its gone! 😉 BUT posting it, well that is more permanent and a lot harder to do. Especially when you are me and you move your decor 10x a day and constantly ask a bestie…..”What do you think?” :).

So, with that being said, I wanted to start small and share a little easy fall decor with you. One thing I do love to decorate is my dining table for the holidays. My dough bowl has been a favorite investment for awhile now. It was a find at Round Top. Round Top is a large antique market in Round Top, Texas!

This blog post is all about filling your own dough bowl for fall! I love that their are no limits and you can add as much as you would like to your bowl!

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Putting together a dough bowl, basket or any type of large centerpiece doesn’t have to be stressful.  I love having something larger on my dining table.  #1 My kids don’t mess with it because its too high up. #2 It makes a statement in the room, so I don’t have to worry about table settings or having multiple items on the table.  #3 They are so fun to change out with the season.

Our dining table can easily seat 10 people, so having something larger on our table was needed. After finding the right size dough bowl, filling it was the fun part. Fall is my favorite!  These are a few easy inexpensive steps that can help make your dough bowl or centerpiece complete!

What’s In My Fall Dough Bowl!

    1. Greenery– greenery -Try to find some greenery that can be used year round, something that doesn’t really go with a particular season, so if you have to invest a little you are getting your monies worth!  Also check Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, or your local craft store, sometimes you can get lucky and score some on sale.  **I scooped mine up at a wholesale store when we were building our home.  I did find this set at Target and they are only $25.
    2. Plastic white pumpkins– Ok, so if you have noticed orange pumpkins are cheaper than white.  And sometimes the white plastic pumpkins can look yellow.  I found some orange pumpkins that I really liked at Hobby Lobby and bought the cheapest “white” craft paint and got busy painting them.  I am so happy how they turned out and it didn’t cost much at all.
    3. Gingham pumpkins– I spotted my 3 larger gingham pumpkins at Hobby Lobby when they had a 40% off sale.  If you remember my Amazon post awhile back,  I purchased these gingham pillow covers for my couch, so when I saw the gingham pumpkins I scooped up 3 of them to add to the bowl.
    4. Plush velvet pumpkins– Can we say DOLLAR SPOT Target!  I was impressed #1 that Target had these in the dollar spot and #2 that I actually got them.  I am always late to the party on the dollar spot.
    5. Horns– obviously not everyone likes horns, but adding something with a different shape to give your bowl dimension and added texture is a good idea.  I didn’t want everything in my bowl to be round, so horns work really well in my bowl.  If you don’t like horns, you could try something like cotton stems, tree branches, or sticks with fall flowers on them.
    6. Lightening- I scooped this strand of pinecone lights up on the clearance rack years ago.  I actually had two, but they are way too delicate to be in a house with three boys.  So, they lay in the dough bowl 3 months out of the year and no one touches them.  You can find strand lightening with a battery operated pack that you can easily slip into a bowl or basket to add lightening.
    7. Fall Decor Finds:

      Joss & Main large dough bowl 1 or dough bowl 2

      Target greenery balls $25

      Amazon greenery balls (smaller)

      Target Cable Knit Pumpkins $6

      Target Vase Filler white pumpkins $10

      Target  Medium lite pumpkin $12

      Target llight strand $6 or Amazon light strand


      1. Mix your textures
      2. Bring in different fabrics
      3. Try different shades of one color
      4. Mix in a statement item
      5. Focus on odd numbers (for example: my 3 gingham pumpkins)
      6. Use greenery as a filler
      7. Try different shapes

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      I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did!  What is your favorite type of centerpiece?  Any tips or rules you follow to make a great piece?

      I hope this post was helpful and inspires you to fill a bowl, basket or make your own creation this fall. Happy Decorating!

      XO, Ja’Net

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