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A fun fact about me……. before I became a full time stay at home mom I was a school teacher.  I decided I wanted to teach while substituting during my college days.   I had no clue it was what I wanted to be, but I loved the kids, my co-workers and making a difference in little one’s lives.

I taught 4th grade for a total of 6 years and loved it!  Being a teacher is a tough yet rewarding career!  We love to spoil our teachers and let them know how much they are appreciated.  If you are looking for a fun gift for your special teacher this post is for you!

I reached out to 10 of my old co-workers/friends from my teaching days and a few preschool teachers and asked what their favorite holiday gift would be?  It was a lot of fun gathering different ideas and opinions from sweet teacher friends.

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Monogrammed tray $9.50 These trays are simple and a cute way to give a personalized gift. I have one at home and it holds all my studs and rings.  It can even be used on your desk for paper clips, and small office supplies.  Click here to get yours.

Personalized reusable Starbucks cup  $15 These cups are adorable and best of all REUSABLE!  I love this idea and putting your teacher’s name on it with a small gift card inside is another way to add to this gift!  Click here to check out the cups.

Personalized clipboard $25 All teachers need clipboards, so why not a fancy monogrammed one!  Click here to get yours and view the other options.

Sharpies$16 Teacher supplies are another great option to show your teachers that they are loved.

Felt alphabet board$12 This felt letter board is fun and unexpected.  A teacher could leave daily notes on the board for her students or take it home to enjoy there.  Click here to get yours.

Initial stud earrings $5.50 What teacher doesn’t like monograms and initials.  These stud earrings are perfect for a teacher gift, especially if you know they love jewelry. **they are sold in singles, so make sure to order two. ;). Click here to get yours.

Pencil holder $7.99 A cute desk accessory to hold all their pencils, checking pens and markers.  Click here to get yours.

Initial necklace $8.50 Monograms and initials are a fun way to give a personalized gift.  These necklaces are simple and the perfect accessory.  Click here to get yours.

Unicorn tape dispenser $12 Add a little rainbows with this adorable tape dispenser.  I love this unique gift.  Would also make a great gift for any unicorn lover, daughter or boss lady! Click here to get yours.

Scarf $17 I generally wouldn’t put clothing on a teacher guide, but these scarves are THE BEST and such a good price point.  The black and white one is a perfect neutral if you aren’t sure of exactly your teacher’s style.  Click here to check out the different scarves.

Planner/Agenda$15 A gift for the organized teacher!  I found this fun colorful planner for $15.  Add a handful of sticky notes and cute stickers and you are set! Click here to check out the different planners.

What If There Were No Teachers Book $12 I came across this book on Amazon and thought it was such a cute book to share with your loved teachers.

“Good Work” stamp collection $15 This stamp collection is a perfect gift for the younger grades. My son’s always has a communication chart with daily stamps.  These stamps are prefect for graded papers too.  These ship free with prime shipping. Click here to get yours.

Papermate Flair Pen set $30- This gift set was sent directly to me from a teacher friend, saying it was all the rave with teachers! So, I added it in on the gift guide ASAP! Click here to get yours.

After talking with teachers, they also love homemade cards and notes, so don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune to show teachers they are loved!  Gift cards are always an easy option to their favorite restaurant or store.  I know my son’s school sends out a favorites sheet from each teacher to help give us ideas and help with gift giving!

Another great idea is buying something small they could use in their classroom, like the Sharpies in this guide and attach a small gift card if you wanted to add something more.  Or their favorite chocolates or Starbucks drink with a small gift card attached.

What’s your favorite teacher gift?  This year I am getting my elementary teachers the stamp pad set with a small gift card attached.  For my son’s preschool class, I did the sharpie’s at the beginning of the year, so I am getting them the initial stud earrings for both of them.   My sons also enjoy making them a holiday card every year too!

XO, Ja’Net


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