Father’s Day GIFT GUIDE

If I wasn’t late with this blog post then I wouldn’t be me!😂 My husband knows the routine. Have you shopped yet?

I usually wait until the last minute because honestly I want him to have everything and never can narrow it down. Then I usually will tell him to buy something or pick something out. Men are so hard to buy for so I thought I would put together a list of Ryan’s favorites plus a few more picks that you guys recommended!

One item I totally left off this list are his dumbbell weight set that he has used for years, and I found a less expensive version on Amazon that are in stock with good reviews! And they look identical to his Bowflex set. Also another item he loves are his Costa sunglasses. They have so many different styles to choose from you are bound to find a nice pair for your guy!

1. Santal lotion | 2. Santal cologne | 3. Flip flops | 4. Golf pullover | 5. Golf shirt | 6. Flask/storage container | 7. Athletic socks | 8. ON sneakers | 9. Golf shorts

1. I bought Ryan the sample set at Christmas and this scent has been his favorite. I love that it comes in a lotion option as well. Mr. Clean (should I call him that…. 😉 loves the new fragrance!

2. The cologne we’ve had and both used for the last few months and I love that I can use it too. It smells great on both of us and so different.

3. I recently shared his flip flops and the hubby loves this brand. They are great quality and last for years. He just bought his second pair and again so comfortable he says and TTS.

4. A guy can never have too many pullovers even if he doesn’t golf. It’s a great casual look that they can layer with jeans or shorts.

5. I giggle at the amount of golf shirts the hubby has. And how many blue stripes he has, but he claims they are all different. The shirts are one of his favorite brands. They last and come in several colors and prints.

6. The hub doesn’t have this flask, but I thought it would be perfect for fishing, hunting, golfing days to store your personals and also have a spot for some water or your favorite beverage.

7. The hubby recently went on a sock hunt and tried a few brands before settling on Stance. He has been wearing them for the last month or so for everyday and to workout and highly recommends them.

8. Ryan has been eyeing these sneakers but you have to act fast because sizes go fast! I love the gray pair. Have you tried ON Cloud sneakers before? The reviews look great too!

9. Summer is here and time to restock the shorts. I know the hub gets 1-2 new pair every year to rotate in with the old. This brand again is his fave.

1. Golf simulator | 2. Apple Air Pods Pro | 3. Traegger Smoker | 4. Yeti backpack cooler | 5. Shaving kit | 6. Bug zapper 7. Pizza Oven (portable option) | 8. swim trunks | 9. Compression gun | 10. Portable speaker

1. Ok since we moved he has been talking about one of these simulators. So I am starting my research and this one has amazing reviews. Would be fun for the kids too.

2. I have a pair of these headphones and love the upgrade. They are on Ryan’s wishlist!

3. Ryan’s brother has one of these Traegger Smokers and loves it. We are working on our outdoor kitchen and this might be an addition to it.

4. A guy can never have too many coolers…just look in my garage.😂 I love this backpack version.

5. Why not treat the man in your life with a little skin care. Why should women get all the skincare.😉

6. Ok so I think this bug zapper would just be fun! Those darn mosquitoes.

7. I have heard these pizza ovens are amazing. What a great gift idea and they come in a portable version too.

8. This brand is one of our favorites, and I love all the suits they have for me too. It’s swim season!

9. If you haven’t snagged one of these compression guns yet it is a must. We both share one and it does work and feels so good on the tight muscles especially after a workout.

10. There is a running joke with my husband’s portable speakers…just ask him about his boom box😉 we finally upgraded and this one has worked great!

Who are you buying for this year? I love that my husband and his brothers try to take their dad on a golf date also. Those moments are the best! Or a Sunday dinner with the family is time well spent. Wishing you all a wonderful day! Happy Father’s Day to you and yours. ❤️

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