The week of Thanksgiving I am always torn on do I set up Christmas because I have extra time with the kids at home or do I keep the pumpkins and turkeys out for a few more days.

To be be honest Christmas decor usually wins, but that doesn’t stop me from celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends.

During the holidays I always love finding new recipes and fun dishes to make. When I discovered this book last year at a Favorite’s Thing Party I knew I wanted to try them. Beautiful Boards is exactly what you would think. A book full of recipes and easy instructions to make a charcuterie board. It has 50 easy to follow recipes of you guessed it….Beautiful Boards for ANY occasion. I really love the snowman and candy cane for the Christmas.

Beautiful Boards

This book also makes the perfect hostess gift, friend gift, the kitchen enthusiast…. If you just didn’t want to give the book, you could add a bottle of wine, a cheese advent calendar, a cute board or an easy recipe! The ideas are endless!

Outfit details: My blouse – true to size | gold ball bracelets | watch band | earrings

My first attempt at the turkey from Beautiful Boards- had to practice to make sure I could do it.;) It was a lot of fun to try and create and would be fun for kids to help with too. They can easily look at the picture and copy what they see. TIP: make sure your tray/plate is FLAT – seems silly but I thought my tray was large enough and things kept sliding towards the middle. Mine didn’t turn out perfect, but it was a lot of fun to make and the best part is you can get creative and change it up to meet your guests needs. The recipes are there to guide you but you can switch out any ingredients for things your family likes.

He looks a little angry, but I thought it turned out cute for my first attempt! I plan to make more for the holidays and make this one for Thanksgiving this year! I can’t wait to share more boards from this book! If you need a new twist on your holiday appetizers or even a favorite things gift idea…..Get your Beautiful Boards book here.


Ok, switching gears…..this recipe isn’t in the book but its fun and so good!

This EASY kid friendly dessert was delicious and fun to make! This recipe came home from W’s preschool last year, and we made them last year for Thanksgiving and they were a hit! We will be making them again this year. Try this fun twist on Pumpkin Pie this year and get the kids involved in the kitchen.;)

If you are on the hunt for new Thanksgiving Day platters…..be sure to check out this one – It ships PRIME too! Or this cheese board would hold all your cheese needs for the holidays.


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What are some fun easy recipes you make for the holidays? We always make my mom’s “MACS” every year! I do have two kids who don’t like Mac n’ cheese, so that usually leaves a lot for the rest of us! 😉 Click here for that recipe I shared years ago on the blog.

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