Staying on Track During the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner!  Every year I say the same thing.  “I can’t believe it’s already here.”  The holidays can be such a busy time of year for everyone.  Whether it’s finishing a project, finishing up end of the year business, planning holiday gatherings, vacations or parties there is always something to be done.

This is my favorite time of year, and having so many obligations can bring on stress especially when trying to get everything done AND stay on track with your personal goals…… while still enjoying yourself and having fun at all the holiday festivities. 🙂

I have come up with 5 tips that help me make better choices throughout the holidays, but also allows me to have fun and enjoy myself.

1. Work out in the morning

If you are like me, then as the day goes on my chance of working out becomes slim.  Being busy during the holidays, I never know what might pop up or what my husband’s schedule looks like day to day.  I try to designate 3 days a week where I wake up early to get a workout in.  If I can at least do 3 days of exercise a week my body and mind will thank me after I am done.   I not only feel better when I workout, but I tend to have more energy.

2. Stay Active 

Aside from my 3 early workouts I talked about above, I also like to bump up my daily physical activity.  The weather is starting to cool off, so it is a lot easier to get outside and be more active.  My oldest son rides his bike to school, so I try to join him and ride along or push my youngest in the stroller while my older boys ride.

Also, I know I am out shopping more than usual, and the parking lots are FULL!  So, instead of circling the lot searching for that front row spot, I save that time by parking further away to get my steps in.

3. Schedule your cheat meal

I love a good cheat meal, and staying on track through out the week makes that little cheat so worth it for me.  During the holidays there are plenty of chances for cheat meals, so I try to really stay focused on the days I don’t have anything.  My fridge stays stocked with fresh foods and dinners are planned out, so there isn’t any emergency take out orders!

If I know a Christmas party is coming up on Friday night, all my other meals through out the week are on track and clean.

4. Party Strategies

When I am headed to a party, I always chug a bottle of water before going in.  This is so I am not starving when I first arrive, and it keeps me from heading straight to the food table.  Also, mingling always ends up around food, so I try to move my conversation away from the food, so I am not mindlessly snacking…..which I do ALL THE TIME when at parties.

If I am drinking alcohol, I try to limit my drinks and continue to drink a large glass of water between drinks.  I sometimes regret my drink choices the next day, so staying hydrated at parties helps me in the long run.  And my body will thank me the next day.

5. Party food choices

When I have a holiday party in the evening, I try to eat a small snack before I go.  I use the appetizer plates when I get there to keep me from piling on the food.  This way my plate is small and my choices are more thought out.  I then try to hit the veggies or salad bar first, that way I can still get some “goods” in before I sample the other foods.

I do try to make the decision to skip desserts.  This is SOOOOO hard for me, as my sweet tooth is in high gear during the holidays.  But my goal is if I do decide to have a dessert, I go for the bite size pieces or take one or two bites of something and move on. 😉

This holiday season, I am planning to stay on track and continue to work towards goals I have set for myself, but also enjoy my holiday traditions and have fun!

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XO, Ja’Net

Disclaimer: Thank you for reading about what I love.  All opinions are my own.


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