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Hi friends,

The count down to Christmas is on!  Fall is officially over and we are welcoming the first day of Winter.  Are you still running around getting all the things done or sipping hot cocoa by the fire waiting for the man in the red suit?

I was tagged by Lauren of to share my answers to 15 winter-related questions.  I loved reading Lauren’s questions and answers.  Now I can see why we became fast friends and can chat on Instagram like we’ve known each other for years.  She is the absolute sweetest and her posts are always adorable and fun!  She has great style and the cutest puppy named Payton.  I look forward to seeing what she is going to post next.  If you don’t already, you need to follow Lauren on Instagram @thelpdaily. And you can read all about her winter faves on her blog. 🙂

Living in Texas, winter is something that doesn’t really exist.  It comes and goes and hits for maybe a week or two.  Or it is really cold one day and then it’s 75 degrees the next with humidity.  I do love the cold though.  I love sipping coffee on a chilly morning on my back porch or snuggling up on the couch with my littles and a blanket.

1. What’s your favorite holiday tradition/activity?

Our favorite tradition is looking at Christmas lights.  This is a tradition I remember doing as a little girl.  We would get into our pajamas on Christmas Eve and drive around the neighborhood looking at all the Christmas decorations and lights.   Now, we can do this with our boys.  We load up the week before Christmas, with hot chocolate and Christmas music blaring.  There are certain neighborhoods in our city that are known for their lights, so that is usually our first stop.  The boys love it, and I love it just as much as I did when I was a little girl.

2.  What is your favorite go-to lippies?

I always like to try a new red lipstick during the holidays.  I really have liked Smashbox Matte lipstick in the shade, Disorderly for nights out.  This lipstick stays on seriously all night!!!  I also, bought a sample of the Smashbox Insta-Matt Lipstick Transformer .  You can apply it over any lipstick to get that matte look…..a game changer!  BUT in real life, we all know red lips probably won’t work.  So, I use Takona Soapery Lip Balm.  It is made in Texas, and I usually stock up at the Saturday Farmer’s Market.

Christmas Tree and pine are my favorite scents for the season.  I can’t get enough!  I was so excited to get a real tree this year, so the smell is in our house all month long!  I also just scooped up a beautiful Himalayan candle from Rue Bird Market. (Grapefruit Pine) It was a gift for my in-laws and it smells amazing!

I personally don’t wear a lot of perfumes because I get headaches easily.  I have found that @tocca perfumes are perfect for me.  My favorite is Cleopatra.
// What is your go-to winter trend?

My style is usually casual and comfy, but at the same time this mommy likes to get dressed up! 😉  Sweaters, plaid and scarves are my favorite comfy styles this time of year. You can click my images for all the details on my outfits below.

Magnoliascarf:plaidHM-pearlsweater5. What is your favorite holiday movie?

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation has been a favorite for a very long time!  My sister and I can quote just about the entire movie.  It is just as funny as the first time.

6. What is your winter skin care routine?

I have been using Tula products for the last 6 months and have loved them.  The daily cleanser makes your skin instantly soft.  I use it every morning and night.   It is one of my faves!  I also love their Illuminating Face Serum (for a brightening glow) and their Hydrating Day to Night Cream.

// What is your favorite holiday tune?

I am loving Pentatonix Christmas tunes.  Hallelujah is probably my absolute favorite.   I also love Christmas Country… all of it! 🙂  If you ask my boys though, they would vote for Mr. Grinch to be playing 24-7!

8. Do you prefer to travel or stay home?

I am a home body for sure!  I don’t know if that is because I am running on lack of sleep with 3 boys in the house or what, but a weekend with no plans and nowhere to go is like heaven to me!

9. What is your favorite hair product?

I don’t have a favorite hair product, but right now dry shampoo is my best friend!  I recently picked up this texturizing spray also to try it out and have loved the added volume and texture it adds to my sometimes very flat hair.  I have been using this Detox Dry Shampoo for Brunettes on days when washing my hair is not going to happen.

10. What is your favorite winter beauty product?

I feel like I am lacking in the beauty department. 😉  I do love to use masks at least once a week.  Beauty Counter masks are my fav!  They have all safe ingredients in them, and I will take that any day.  My favorite mask is the Vitamin C Brightening Mask.  I swear after using it once, I’ve seen a difference.

11. What is one item on your wish list?

This is always the hardest question for me because my husband asks me all the time and I can’t answer him.  So, asking for a spa day would have to be on my wish list!  Just so I can lay there and try to relax and still think about all the things I need to be doing! LOL ;).  If I had to pick some other items I have been eyeing this necklace.  And these sunglasses are on my list to try!

12. What is your favorite holiday treat?

If I was going to be totally bad I would say Saltine toffee.  I usually make this every year for friends and neighbors.  But, I have also looked on Pinterest a lot and made some new holiday recipes like Paleo Chocolate Almond Butter Cookie Cups and Paleo Buckeyes.

13. What do you love to add to your holiday outfits?

If you know me, then you know I am in studs 24-7, but if you give me a night out or a holiday party I love fun statement earrings.  My favorites this year have been these from Nordstrom.  They come in black and pink and I might just have them both.  // What is your favorite winter activity?

Now that my house is over run with boys, I don’t get to do this too much unless its 10PM and all are asleep.  But, I do love to watch Christmas movies!  I am a huge Hallmark Channel watcher and even enjoy the 25 Days of Christmas kid shows!  🙂

15. Do you finish your shopping before December or are you a last minute shopper?

I wouldn’t call myself a last-minute shopper because I am constantly thinking about what to buy, where to look, and usually searching for the perfect gift.  So, no I don’t have it all finished by November, but I feel like I have a pretty good excuse. 😉

It has been a lot of fun writing about the holidays and my favorites?  I love reading these kinds of posts because I feel like I get to know some of my favorite bloggers and new bloggers a little better.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this winter faves questionnaire.  Below I’ve linked some of my current favorite winter items.  You can click on any image to shop directly online.  Be sure to check out Lauren’s blog to read her winter questions & answers.

Thank you for reading along.  Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!

XO, Ja’Net

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