A Holiday Outfit With Basics

IMG_5060Hey friends!

Holiday parties are in full swing and sometimes I feel like I just don’t have anything to wear. 😉 LOL!  My husband would stop talking to me if he heard me say that.

During the holidays, parties sometimes pop up and you don’t want to spend a fortune on a new party dress.  So you are stuck digging in your closet trying to throw an outfit together.  This happens to me all the time.

To help with this problem, I personally like to have a ton of basics in my closet for reasons like this.  Basics are items you can invest in, but at the same time don’t have to spend a fortune on.  Basics are staples in your closet that never go out of style and you can wear them year after year with  little additions here and there.  Today, I am going to  talk about some of my favorite basics that can be worn for most occasions and will make a great holiday outfit!


Shop this look: velvet cami | similar cami | Black jeans | Black heels | Nude strappy heels |Nude heels | Blazer (old) similar | earrings-Rue Bird Market | Nordstrom earrings|Grey clutch | Polorized Raybans

Basics for the Holidays

  1. Black denim- Black jeans or pants are my go to around the holidays.  If you have seen me out then you have for sure seen me in black jeans!  I love the “legging” denim from LOFT.  Black denim is a good basic to have year round.  You can always dress them up or down for any occasion.   If the legging look is too skinny for your liking then these are a great pair also.  You can also read my blog post I wrote a few months ago about black denim.  Click here for that post.
  2. Camisole- These tops are great to have for layering or wearing alone.  I picked this velvet cami up while it was on sale.  It also comes in black and a patterned black and gold color.  A cami is great to wear underneath a sweater for a layered look.  I also wear them with cardigans a lot because of our Texas weather.  You can also wear camisoles alone for a more going out look. I think this cami looks great alone and isn’t too reveling.  (Thinking Valentine’s Dinner) 😉
  3. Blazer– A blazer is a must.  They can add to your outfit or make the statement.  I always shop for blazers since they go great with just about anything.  This plaid blazer I scored last season from LOFT.  I love it during the holidays.  I also, get a lot of wear out of my black and camel blazers.  If you are wanting to try out blazers, I have found some great ones at Target, J.CrewH&M, and LOFT.


4. Clutch/Bag- A evening clutch/bag can be an easy basic to add into your wardrobe.  I am not a purse shopper.  There are lots of reasons…..  1. I spend my money on clothes 🙂  2. I am always changing my mind and never can decide on a bag I really want. (just ask my friends) 😉  3. I am a mom, so having a bag that holds it all is a must. 4. My bag usually has snacks, a sippy cup and some sort of used napkin from wiping someone’s mouth. 😉

So, with that being said, I do love a fun clutch or handbag that I can grab for a night out and not have any sippy cups in it!

I found this clutch that makes a statement with little effort.  I love the soft, gray suede and large, silver rings.  You can carry this clutch two different ways, so if you are like me and end up with more in your bag than you needed you can flip it open for more space.  This bag has been on sale this past week, so hopefully you can snag it.  Click here before the sale ends.  (scroll back up to see my two ways to carry this bag)

5. Heels- Black or neutral heels are a must.  (or flats if you are not a high heel lover). I bought these heels two years ago and have loved them.  They come in multiple colors and prints too!  They are higher than what I am use to since high-high heels are a thing of the past for my aging feet. 😉  My feet are out of practice since I am usually in flats, flip-flops or sneakers!  BUT, having a pair on hand for special occasions makes it so easy.  I don’t have to worry about what shoe I will wear.  I also love a good nude pair of heels. I have heard good things about this pair.


Shop this look: velvet cami | similar cami | Black jeans | Black heels | Nude strappy heels |Nude heels | Blazer (old) similar | earrings-Rue Bird Market | Nordstrom earrings|Grey clutch | Polorized Raybans

Dressing in basics can be a game changer when you are getting ready.  It is definitely a money saver because you are not constantly buying an entire new outfit.  This cami is the only “new” item I bought besides the clutch for this outfit.  What is great about this cami is, it’s my more “trendy” basic, in this outfit.  I only spend $30 on it, which is a good price point for a “trendy” item.

What basics do you like to keep in your closet year round?  What do you take out for the holiday season?  Basics can last a lifetime if you shop for quality, but at the same time shop for something you truly love and will want to wear again and again.

I hope this post has brought a little inspiration to your NOT so basic wardrobe.   Happy Holidays friends!  Hope to hear from you soon.

XO, Ja’Net

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