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Being a busy mom of three boys, having healthy snacks ready to grab is a must for me and my family.  If I am not prepared that is when disaster can strike for me. ;).  This blog post is all about the healthy, easy snacks that I love to have at home and on the go.

As you know I like to live a clean healthy lifestyle when I am choosing my foods. You can read all about my road to clean eating by clicking here.  Most people ask if I ever drink wine, YES!  Or do I eat Mexican food? YES!  Focusing on eating clean has been a lifestyle change for me, and I always give myself the freedom to have some of the things I love.  And that would be Mexican food and carrot cake!! 😉

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ten healthy snacks

Raw nuts– Cashews and pistachios are my favorite.  You can shop different brands at different grocery stores for their raw nuts.  Some stores even offer it in their bulk section.  I like the bulk section because I can get as much as I need for the week.  The bulk bends also list ingredients, so if it doesn’t JUST say “cashews” I stay away from it.  Be careful, a lot of seasoned nuts have added sugar.  You can season them when you get home if you prefer a little spice.  My husband likes to add a little salt and pepper to his.  All you do is throw them in a zip lock bag and shake! He brings one bag to work to keep in his desk.

Broccoli tossed with olive oil and salt & pepper- this might sound strange, but I am not a huge raw broccoli fan unless it has some sort of sauce on it.  So, one evening I was getting ready to roast some for dinner, and did my usual olive oil, salt and pepper.  It sat on the counter ready for the oven for about 30 minutes, and I grabbed one to eat.  YUM!! I loved the flavor and the broccoli taste wasn’t so strong.  So, now I marinate a small bag of broccoli for my go to snacks.  You can prep and make small bags in advance too.

1/2 avocado w/ Everything But The Bagel Seasoning- This snack is more of an at home snack, but it is too good not to share.  This seasoning is sooooo good!  If you haven’t tried it and have a Trader Joes near you, grab a bottle next time you are there.  If you don’t, I know it is available on Amazon as well.

Banana or apple with raw almond butter-  I love banana and raw nut butter before or after a workout.  I usually spoon out a small amount in a container and grab a banana if I am on the go.

Sliced veggies- This is the snack I usually eat at home a lot.  I like to slice a bunch up and have it as a choice when my boys get home from school.  So they aren’t reaching for the crackers, chips etc… They love raw veggies, so having what they like ready and sliced up is a healthy snack for the entire family.  I also love bell peppers, cauliflower, radishes, celery & carrots dipped in Tessemae’s Ranch or Tessemae’s Balsalmic Vinaigrette Dressing  *This brand is available at most grocery stores.  Look in the produce section.

Sliced pear or strawberries with cinnamon– This little treat is so yummy!  Another easy snack to slice up in the morning, add your cinnamon and shake.   If I am craving something sweet this keeps me from reaching for the chocolate. (most of the time) 😉

La Croix and Spindrift– I absolutely love these sparking flavored waters.  They don’t have any added ingredients and are so refreshing.   I can grab a can when I am on the go.  I know most stores offer their own brand, so I highly recommend trying a flavor you like!  I love the lemon, lime and grapefruit flavors.  These are helpful too, when I am getting hungry.  *Spindrift is available at Trader Joe’s & on Amazon

Store bought emergency snacks These next three items I can buy at the grocery store and keep for emergencies.  They are easy to grab or have packed in your bag.  I think most of these items can be found on Amazon if you don’t have these grocery stores near you.

  • RX BarsThese yummy bars are made from ONLY real ingredients, they do have high sugar, but it’s natural sugar, not added sugar.  I use these as a treat, or for an on the go after workout snack.  They are so good and have tons of flavors to try.  *Found at HEB, Trader Joe’s and I heard they are at Costco too.


  • Chomp Sticks- I shared these on Instagram stories the other day.  These beef sticks are whole 30 approved and good for a quick protein snack on the go.  I don’t eat these as much as I do when I am doing Whole 30, but they are a good option if you are a beef jerky lover and want added protein.  *I have only found these at Trader Joe’s & on Amazon.


  • Luna Bars– Another great on the go bar that doesn’t have added sugar and only made from real ingredients is the Luna Bar.  I keep one on hand for emergencies at all times.  They have TONS of flavors to try.  My favorite is Pecan Pie. 😉  I have tried a few others, but when I find a flavor I like I don’t like chancing it with something else. ;).  *some flavors are Whole 30 approved


I hope this post has inspired you to try some new snacks or make some old ones!  I find being prepared with my snacks helps me make wiser meal choices.  I hope it has helps you too!  What snacks do you like to have for on the go?

Happy snacking!

XO, Ja’Net

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  1. What a great post, so many yummy snacks!! Everything but the bagel seasoning makes everything taste better!! Raw nuts are such a convenient and quick snack definitely a favorite of mine too. I cant wait to add some cinnamon to my strawberries, I add it to of other raw fruit but haven’t thought to try it on strawberries.

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