Strawberry Oats Smoothie

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Wow!  We are well on our way into April!  Time just seems to be flying by.  If you are anything like me, my mornings can be pretty crazy.  I make a good effort to get up early and have quiet time and get a jump start on the day before the kids get up, but it doesn’t always go that way.

Mornings are very fast pace in our household and after I have had my coffee I like to have something quick and healthy before leaving the house.  I have learned that you can make small changes in your daily lifestyle and see major results.  Starting with a healthy filling breakfast is key for me!

I stumbled onto this smoothie one morning after obsessing over overnight oats for awhile, and loved the flavor!  If you are looking for a quick breakfast idea, this is one of my favorite smoothies.


Strawberry Oats Smoothie

1 cup almond milk or milk of your choice

1/2 cup GF old fashion rolled oats

1/2 large banana

5 large strawberries

4-5 ice cubes

1 TBSP almond butter or nut butter of your choice

optional:   Collagen Peptideshandful of fresh spinach

Directions: Add all ingredients into a blender and blend.


This smoothie gives me a little break from my green smoothies.  I love the added gf oats that gives this smoothie some texture and helps me feel full longer.  As you may know fruit has natural sugars.  If you are limiting your sugar intake, like I do most days, this will be the only fruit I have for the day.

When making this smoothie I like to use MALK brand Almond Milk for my smoothies.  I like to check the ingredients on Almond Milks because some don’t even have almonds in them.  It makes you wonder what is really in the carton.  MALK is one of my favorites, but I know there are more brands out there.  Just be sure to read labels when shopping for your “clean” almond milk.  I have found MALK available at Whole Foods and some Kroger grocery stores.  Or click here to read more about where MALK is sold.

I also like to use a raw nut butter.  So many peanut butters and almond butters have so many additives in them it has become unhealthy for you.  Yes you are still getting protein, but also tons of added sugars too.  So, I choose brands that just have the raw type of nut and nothing else.  You can find most grocery stores have different options in their bulk section or even some shelf brands have clean and raw versions of nut butter.  My middle son doesn’t mind the raw nut butter either.  So, it for sure passes the kid test!

Now if you have little more time on your hands I love making protein pancakes in the morning too.  My 18 month old loves them too.  So, when I am up extra early or when the weekend rolls around making protein pancakes is usually on the menu.  They are a great snack too.  I will make 1-2 batches and save some to snack on later if my little one doesn’t eat them all. 🙂  Click here for that recipe.

Sometimes I like to add in my collagen peptides to this smoothie.  I use collagen peptides every morning, in my coffee.  If you want to read my blog post all about my experience with collagen click here for that.  I have been using it for almost a year now, and will continue to add it daily into my lifestyle.

What do you like making for breakfast?  Are you a grab and go type person or do you have time to make something before your day starts?  Share your favorite recipes below.

XO, Ja’Net


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  1. This sounds so good!! I love smoothies, but I’ve never added oats! I’m a huge texture person, so I’m definitely going to try this!! : )

    1. It is one of my favorites, let me know what you think if you try it!! This definitely has texture to it with the oats! 🙂

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