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When Bryson was turning one, we decided to start taking a yearly picture as a family.  I knew our lives were changing with a new little one and time was going to start flying by!  I am so thankful we have captured these memories over the years.  

It is something wonderful we have to look back on and smile, but also laugh at how stressed we are while taking pictures.  AND somehow they always turn out great! 🙂

I owe all that to my amazing photographer, Amanda with Dear Marlowe Photography.  She always finds the best natural locations and the lighting is perfect.  ***My boys get a little credit too.  There is a lot of bribing so my boys will smile in their “handsome clothes”! 🙂

We have used Dear Marlowe for the last three years and are thrilled each time.  Thank you Amanda for capturing our family and for the wonderful memories.  

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Taking pictures are for sure stressful at times, but I have learned to try and relax and trust my photographer.  Amanda always makes it fun for the boys.  When we are about half way through and they are losing interest and don’t want to smile.  She will throw in “ring around the rosie” or “let’s race”!   If you make it a completion between my boys there will for sure be smiles!!

We always do a few posed ones as well just to have a variety to choose from.  This mamma loves the one of her boys!  To look how much they have grown and are turning into little men. (yes…..sappy mom moment)

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My outfit: red plaid | similar skirt (more options listed below in the clickable widgets) | stud earrings | similar black heels | Ryan’s outfit: similar pullover | jeans | sneakers | Boys: similar plaids | green sweater | jeans | shoes |Weston’s shoes 

For this photo session we chose to wear Christmas plaids and colors.  I don’t do this every year, but was feeling extra Christmasy especially since we took our own fall pictures.  Plus having three boys, we have a lot of hand me downs from my oldest, so rewearing Christmas sweaters is for sure a money saver in our family.

When I am choosing colors for my family pictures  I always focus on 2-3, with one color having a little pop to it.  If you decide to do coordinating and different outfits these are some helpful tips for styling.  


  1. Use 2-3 coordinating colors
  2. Add layers and textures (think vests, layered sweaters, etc.)
  3. Don’t use more than one bold pattern.  
  4.  When in doubt send your ideas to your photographer.  They have seen it all and can possibly help you make decisions.
  5. If you have older boys, don’t make them too matching to the dad and the same for your older daughters and the mom.  In my case, my middle son had the same green sweater, so he stood next to me every time and he is shorter, so his green wasn’t hitting my husband’s green. 🙂

Ex. After I had Weston, we took family pictures a month later.  I was completely self conscious and not comfortable.  And DID NOT want to shop for a new outfit.  Amanda told me to add layers to my outfit.  She said the camera does great with layers.  It won’t make you look “bigger” which at that time is how I felt.  So, I wore a dress with a fur vest and felt great!  The pictures turned out great too!  

Thank you Dear Marlowe!  We loved our mini photo session, and look forward to next year.  If you are local to the Houston, Katy area Amanda with Dear Marlowe is a wonderful photographer.  She has an eye for location and lighting.  And most of all, Amanda does an amazing job of capturing our precious moments.

You can check out Dear Marlowe here:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hellodearmarlowe/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hellodearmarlowe

website: https://dearmarlowe.com

Thank you for reading about what I love and supporting ROC Blog.  All opinions are my own.

XO, Ja’Net

Shop our looks: 

My outfit: red plaid | similar skirt (more options listed in the clickable widgets) | stud earrings | similar black heels | Ryan’s outfit: similar pullover | jeans | sneakers | Boys: similar plaidsgreen sweater | jeans | shoes |Weston’s shoes 


  1. These pictures are so so good of your beautiful family!! That is the perfect background color to compliment y’all’s perfect outfits! I need that sequined skirt asap!

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