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It is so nice to jump start the new year and get organized. I started working on some home projects while my mom was here and could help. I feel like when the holidays are here, there is no routine and everything goes out the window. Which is totally fine with me. It’s it totally ok to kick back and enjoy time with family.

Now Christmas has been put away and my house has been cleaned. All the pine needles have been swept up and the left over glitter has been wiped away. Now it is time to get back on track and get organized. One of my favorite places to start is the kitchen area because it is our busy space that can get messy real quick!

I love finding new products that make life more organized especially for my kids. This blog post is filled with how we stay organized in the new year with a few products I have used for years and a couple of new ones I am loving.

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First, I want to share one oldie but goodie that I have used since my oldest was very small. I saw this idea on Pinterest years and years ago, so I thought I would give it a try. I bought baskets for my kids to put their shoes in and each one had their own spot so there would be no fighting. These baskets sit near the front door off to the side in our dining room and are out of the way. I have seen people put them on their stairs also, but with three boys they would just keep tumbling down the staircase and land on the floor. I love the idea of using them on the stairs, but it just doesn’t work for us, so I found this spot is still visible for them to remember to put them in there, yet out of the way so nothing gets knocked over or spilled.

baskets (newer version) | small chalkboards

My baskets have lasted us over the past 5 years and the boys know exactly where to put their shoes. Click here for the same basket without chalkboards. You can add something like these chalkboards for name plates.

How to : How it works for us….

I explained to my boys the purpose of the baskets and my instructions. Everyday when they get home to put their shoes in their designated basket, so they know exactly where they are when it’s time to leave. It seems so small but they always know where their shoes are and can grab them quickly and go! It also helps keep grass and muddy shoes in one spot and not all over the house. πŸ™‚ It did take a few reminders, but now it is like clock work to my older two. I am now starting to teach Weston.

My Top 5 Kitchen Organization Pieces

  1. 10 Pack fridge storage containers
  2. Clear bins for the fridge (or pantry)
  3. Designated snack drawer, smaller bins for snacks
  4. Pantry cereal containers
  5. Pantry bins
  1. 10 Pack Containers for fridge – this is my new purchase of the year and I am so happy with how organized my fridge looks. I loved this 10 pack from Amazon because they hold a good size amount of prep food or leftovers. The serving is the perfect size for a next day meal. I also use them to cut and prep veggies and fruit for the week.

2. Clear bins – I try to keep my fruit and veggies out in the open so I will use it instead of cramming it all in a drawer to forget about. I take everything out of the grocery store plastic bag and either put it in a container like the 10 pack ones or these open containers have worked really well with fruit like lemons and limes. Also would be great for oranges and apples and easy for the kids to grab!

3. Snack drawer/ container – Having healthy snacks for my boys to see is important to me. I like to have things out in the open for them to grab on the go. Also, organizing a snack drawer in the fridge on the lower level works great for my boys. It teaches independence too. When it is snack time they can go choose something on their own and get it for themselves.

4. Pantry cereal/snack containers – I have been using these cereal/snack containers for a few months now and highly recommend them. My boys would split cereal from the boxes all the time and it would cause more of a mess. The containers keep snacks and cereal FRESH and are easy for them to pour into a bowl. This pack comes in a set of three.

5. Rectangle Bins– I picked up these bins at Target last year and have loved them for storage. I use one for all my baking items, one for extra snacks items, condiments, etc…..

I also picked up the large wire baskets from Home Goods for larger snacks and grab and go for my boys. The left one has our snacks in them, chips, larger boxes that don’t fit on my shelves and the right side is for my kids and their snacks. I really like these baskets from Target with the copper handles.

I also ordered these silicone reusable bags, but the size is too big for kid snacks so I am sending them back. I may try a smaller size.

My pantry and fridge are a work in progress and finding what works for my family takes a little trial and error. I am happy with all of these products that I have been using so far. There is something about a clean pantry and fridge! πŸ™‚

Other home organizing pieces I am wanting to try:

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water bottle organizer | spice shelving | pot organizer | bathroom hot tools organizer

Thank you for stopping by and reading about what I love! I would love to hear about a favorite organizing product that you use and love!

XO, Ja’Net


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