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We are jumping into the new year and the kids are back to their routine and so am I! We have had really warm weather these last couple of weeks, hello Texas….. and this wreath has been on my TO DO list since I first saw my friend, @bloomsandboxwood share her tutorial and wreath on her blog! It is gorgeous!

I really liked the fullness of Katelynn’s and this Amazon wreath, so that was the look I was going for.

So…..not being a crafty person at all, I started looking around and found a few online that were really pretty alternatives if you aren’t in the making DIY mood.

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One- 18 inch grapevine wreath

15 bunches of tulips (return any extras you don’t use)

8 dark pink / 7 lighter mixed pink


One 18in grapevine wreath

13-15 bunches of tulips (dark pink and lighter mixed pink)

Scissors or wire cutting pliers


First, Use your scissors to cute the springs off of one tulip bunch to separate the tulips, but leave three tulips on each section. I started by cutting at the base and then trimmed each one if needed while working on wreath.

*Note: I cut each bunch as I used it just in case I ended up with unused bunches and could return them.

Working in a circular motion stuff the tulip ends into the wreath arranging them so they will lay in the same direction. I also pushed up some of the greenery so it was touching the tulips before inserting. Work your way in a circle until the wreath is full to your liking. TIP: Hang up your wreath when finished so you can easily spot uneven sections, or spots that need another spring. That is it!

I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy tutorial. If you make one I would love to hear about it or tag me on Instagram so I can see it!

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