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Are you ready for the next level of NSale shoppers? If you are an Ambassador your day starts August 6th! You can always check the dates in my first blog post for “what you need to know”.

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If you are a first time shopper you can browse this blog post and click any link to add to your own personal wishlist or if you ready to start shopping all picks are linked in this post. This post is filled with men + kid picks! I have never shopped the kid section during the sale but this year I will be grabbing a few tees and joggers for my boys. If you missed my women favorites blog post you can view that post here.


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OK, for the men! We went through the sale and Ryan narrowed it down to his favorites. He doesn’t own all of these or is he going to order them all. These are just his picks and will help me decide on what to snag for him now and birthday ideas for next month. PLUS it’s never to early for Christmas shopping. 😉

  1. Jeans– Ryan likes a straight leg denim. His thighs are “bigger” so slim fit jeans typically don’t work on him. I love Madewell jeans, so I am going to snag these for him to try! They are a straight leg and look to be a great shade of denim.
  2. Under shirts – These shirts actually were on sale a few months ago and I grabbed them for Ryan. They fit TTS and are extremely soft. I will be grabbing another pack for him.
  3. Socks – No show socks are what he wears on the daily, so replacing his older Nike ones with these since they are on sale. I am also excited to try these this year….stay tuned!
  4. Flip flops – Ryan has these flip flops in the water resistant, quick drying pair that are also part of the NSale. If you are looking for basic flip flops or the leather version that give a little more dressy feel to your outfit these are comfortable and fit great!
  5. Cleanser – Ryan has sensitive skin, so he is always looking for a good cleanser like this one.
  6. Moisturizer – Jack Black offers great products and this moisturizer also has SPF in it. The beard conditioning lube is also a good one.
  7. Brown laces shoes – These are very similar to the pair he already has. Great with jeans and casual days.
  8. Zip up jacket / Vest – It stays hot for a long time here in TX and light layers is about all Ryan needs when the weather turns chilly. He has a very similar vest to this one from last season and wears it a ton. Easy to layer and easy to take off if you get hot. If you need a little more this zip up Patagonia is great one to try.
  9. ON sneaker – ok these are my pick, but I am really wanting him to try them. I have heard so many comfy reviews on this brand.
  10. Pullover Patagonia – A great fleece option for men.
  11. Collared golf shirt – Ryan usually buys this brand when he is needing new golf shirts. He wears them a lot on casual business days and weekend.
  12. Gray stitch sneakers – I bought these last year for Ryan in the blue. A great fun twist to a regular sneaker. Now tons of colors are on sale.
  13. Cedar Shoe Tree – Ryan uses these in all of his business loafers and lace ups.
  14. Water Proof Bag – great for all things your guys who like travel and do!
  15. Undies – we all need them!






Having only boys that typically wear athletic clothing 99.9% of the time, I don’t buy a lot for them at the NSale. This year I am loving the athletic options for boys though. They have several shorts and pants marked down and short and long sleeve tops! One thing I will buy them from year to year is one good jacket. They grow so fast we are in need of a good one when winter rolls around. Something mid size but still warm, and again it doesn’t get extremely cold here often, but we like to have one heavier jacket for all the things!

shop: North Face puffer jacket | Nike long sleeve shirt | NIKE shorts | Nike camo shirt | North Face vest jacket | Nike Max sneakers | long sleeve UA shirt | 5 pack boxers | Nike running shoes | UA gray joggers | UA short sleeve shirt | UA navy joggers


Now if I had girls I would think this is what I would buy! Most of my girlfriends have girls and I love seeing all their cute little outfits. These are my girl picks, but you can browse the entire site here.

shop: little girl reversible pink jacket | little girl rain boots | NIKE dress | sports bra | ruffle dress (4 prints) | quilted zip up jacket | hooded peplum top | NIKE sneakers | NIKE tempo shorts | Zella navy leggings | leopard leggings $9 | Zella black /white leggings | Zella gray short sleeve | green Moto leggings | rain boots


Thank you again for reading about what I love. The Nordstrom Sale is a fun event if you are needing to shop, but not to worry if you can’t grab it all. I will keep you updated on any future sales also. As always I do make a small commission on items purchased through my links in this blog post. This helps support ROC Blog and lets me continue to do what I love. I appreciate all the support and love my readers have shown me over the years. If you see an item you like in this blog post simply click my link, add your cart, finish your shopping and check out all in one browser. Or if you have added these items to your wishlist, simply come back here and click any link to complete your WISHLIST when its your day to shop.

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