Hello friends, I am so excited to share a new blog post with you all! We all know and love the monthly favorites, well in Oprah fashion I am sharing my 2020 favorite things list. This is the list of my MOST favorite items that I have been using all year long and some even longer! These items are my ride or die items that I can’t seem to live with out. You guys have seen me share them if you have been here for awhile. Some are oldie but goodies and others are newer finds that quickly topped the charts as my favorite this year. I am excited to make this blog post a yearly post to share every holiday season. So let’s get started! These are listed in no particular order.

  • one // Tarte shape tape – I am a 40 year old mom of 3 and concealer has been my best friend for years and years. I do tend to show dark circles more with my complexion, so I need something that is going to hide the dark, but also stay on all day and when I first tried shape tape to be honest I thought it was heavy and too much. Once I figured out A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY, it is my daily concealer I can just add a touch under my eyes and to any uneven skin tone areas or blemishes. I use a beauty blender to rub in and I am good to go. I wear color and typically go a shade darker in the summer.
  • two // Urban Decay lipstick (backtalk)- I discovered this lip color after attending a favorite things party years ago. It has been my year round go to color that I can wear during the day to add a little extra or apply for a night out. It is a beautiful pinky neutral color and I have been wearing this one for years! It stays on really well too.
  • three // No show socks– It’s funny how no show socks were NOT a thing when I was younger, now I can’t live with out them. This pack of socks is an Amazon find and what I love most is how they stay in place. They are a thinner sock, so I tend to wear these with booties, everyday sneakers when I don’t want my sock to show. AND most importantly these do not slide down under your heel.
  • four // Kerig coffee maker + foam froather- Our last coffee maker bit the dust, and my husband wanted something with a built in frothier. We ordered this one about 6 months ago and I LOVE IT! It makes the best lattes and cappichinos in seconds. I am always looking forward to that afternoon cup, now that I can make my own at home.
  • five // Budha Girl bangles– my favorite bangles I wear year around. I love that they are light weight and water proof. I wear them to the beach and in the pool all summer long. They also come sized, so you can make sure you get them sized just right for your arm. One of my favorite things is they don’t make the clanky sound bangles tend to make when wearing several. These come in several color options as well.
  • six // Madewell tote bag – y’all know my go to bag is my Madwell tote. I have had it for about 2 years now and it gets better with age. It is soft and buttery and such a great investment bag or a great gift idea! It has a shoulder/crossbody strap as well as shorter shoulder/arm straps. I even mix it up time to time with this Amazon strap too.
  • seven // Baking no stick sheets– no more spraying my cookie sheet or using foil….. these sheets are so easy to use and clean up is a snap. We use these for cookies, cinnamon rolls or anything we are baking in the oven. No need to spray them either. Everything cooks and slides right off.
  • eight // Tarte mascara – I love trying new mascaras, but I have had a hard time branching out from this one. I love the amount of coverage, plus lengthening and fullness it gives my lashes.
  • nine // Boil egg machine – this little contraption has been so fun using in the kitchen. I don’t know how it does it, but it boils eggs to perfection every single time and the peeling is what impresses me most. I can peel them so easily even after they have been stored in the fridge. It comes in a smaller (6 egg) option or the dozen option. A perfect gift idea that is inexpensive and useful.
  • ten // Sunglasses holder – If you are like me a love to collect your sunnies, this sunglasses case is a life saver…especially if you are on the go and traveling. I keep my sunnies all in one spot and can grab the pair I like. They are all in one case and one spot!
  • eleven // Collagen Peptides – Collagen peptides is something that has been in my diet for years. It is tasteless and odorless and I add one scoop to my coffee every morning. If I make a smoothie during the day I will sometimes add a scoop to that too! A great way to get in protein and add a hair, skin and nails boost.
  • twelve // Coffee cups (2 pack) – I can’t stop sharing or using these mugs! They are a for sure favorite and a great gift idea. The double walled keeps them safe to touch and you can also put them in the dish washer and microwave.
  • thirteen // Bum Bum Cream – Once you smell this you will use nothing else. I love my Bum Bum cream for everyday lotion and even wear it as perfume it smells so yummy! Not too thick or greasy either. You can get it in two sizes, but I promise after trying it you will want the largest container it comes in. 😉 Great gift idea and/or stocking stuffer too! Also, shop it here for 20% off – black Friday deal
  • fourteen // Spanx faux leather leggings – I had to put my Spanx on the list because I wear them constantly and have been for the last 3 years. They are worth the investment in my opinion because they don’t wear out or stretchy out and they fit like a dream while holding everything in. I have worn the same pair for THREE years! They are true to size, or size up if you are in between. They run a tad small.
  • fifteen // Diff sunglasses – My go to sunglasses brand is DIFF. I love the quality and selection they have. The Carson’s come in several different colors and have such a universal flattering fit that most of my girlfriend’s have them too! I also love the Bellas.
  • sixteen // Everyday t-shirt bra – I just ordered my second one of these. The best everyday t-shirt bra that fits perfectly and doesn’t “gap” at the top. The shoulder straps are adjustable and comfortable.
  • seventeen // Hide your cords box – If there is anything to make my house look neater and I don’t have to do much, I’m in! These cord boxes hide all those ugly cords and when you use a sleek socket with it it makes a counter space or wall look better. I have my box sitting in the kitchen with my Alexa Show on top. We have three cords hidden including one phone charger.
  • eighteen // Moisture wicking underwear – I’ve raved about these all year along after finding them this summer. If you know anything about Texas humidity then you know these are a MUST. I was on the hunt for an everyday pair of moisture wicking undies and love the fit and comfort of these. They are not seamless, so they can be seen just a tad in leggings – but still comfortable and great for working out and everyday.
  • nineteen // Fels-naptha soap (for stains) – My baseball moms recommended this one to me and I haven’t stopped using it. My son wears white pants for most of his games and he LOVES to slide in the dirt. RED dirt. So, this bar soap makes it easy to get out all the stains.
  • twenty // Sunless tanning lotion – I have been using this sunless tanner for 2 years now, and even when I try a new one I always come back to this one. The smell is very minimal and it leaves the most gorgeous natural looking tan. I use it one time for a light tint or apply it two nights in a row for a deeper tan. Perfect for the holidays when you want to add a tad bit of color to your legs and arms. 🙂

Narrowing it down to 20 actually was really hard because there are so many more things I really loved this year! One – my new blowdryer I have been using the past 6 months. It dries my hair quickly and I love that it has heat settings on it, so you can adjust to suite you. 🙂 Another retailer to compare pricing, click here.

other favorite things:

blowdryer | Amazon throw blanket | Quay sunglasses | LED light outlets | Echo Show 8 | Tarte eyeshadow pallet

Did you have a favorite this year? Any new products that are a must try? Have you tried anything on this list? I hope y’all enjoy this list and blog post as much as I did. You can shop any link directly through this blog post. Thank you for supporting Running On Clean Blog.

Happy Holidays Friends!

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