I am back! Bringing back my favorite things list for the year! I was just reading my post from last year and oh how I love all those things still, it may be hard to pick some new ones! Last year’s favorites are still faves! ( CLICK HERE for those favorites) Like my bangles that I wear year round and they make the best splurge gift idea. If Ryan made a favorite things list THIS would be on it and THIS.

So how I come up with this blog post every year, is as the months go by I flag several items that I am loving. Some items I use daily like my KEURIG and other items are for dressing up like these earrings I stumbled upon this year and already have three pair!

This year I think I only have one duplicate from last year, so if you want more ideas, gift ideas, my favorites be sure to check out last year’s post too. CLICK HERE

Outfit details: Merry tee (sized up so it would work with leggings too) | denim | slippers | red polish

one / Sunshine Tienda earrings – I just ordered the stripe trees to make my third pair of earrings. They are so fun and I love all the designs and shapes they come. Very light weight and a great price point for a gift idea.

two / Moisturizing neck and chest cream – OK I can’t say if this actually works or not but I love it! I’ve been using off and on for the last month and it just feels good and I am moisturizing so that’s good right?!

three / gold ball bracelets – these bracelets come in a set of 3 or 4. They make the perfect gift idea and also mix in nicely with your bracelet stacks!

four / lip mask – I discovered this lip mask at a favorite things party last year and have love it ever since. I put a thin layer on every night and love the way it feels. I keep it in my bed side table so I don’t forget to apply it.

five / silk scrunchie – I am all about a scrunchie and when I sleep in one I like to use these soft silky ones to help with hair breakage.

six / Keurig coffee maker – y’all know I love my coffee maker. I’ve gotten creative this year and made iced coffee, protein coffee drinks and lattes all with my coffee maker!

seven / silk pillowcase – I try to sleep on my silk pillow case every night. I have the pricier one and this one too. I love them both!

eight / initial necklaces – affordable and fun! I love the layered necklaces in this set. Wear one or wear them both!

nine / Zella casual shorts – I wore these all summer and actually still wearing them because it’s hot in TX. They are the perfect casual Saturday shorts. Perfect for running errands and wearing to sporting events.

ten / Tinkle razors – I’ve had these for years and can’t believe they haven’t made my list yet. Shave yo face!

eleven / Dry shampoo mist – a new beauty find that I’ve been loving over my usual dry shampoos that leave a white mist. This is a wet spray you spray all over and dry it with your blow dryer. Works like a charm!

twelve / straightener – I splurged on this straightener after my hair dresser used it on me. It works great to straighten with as well as those beach waves. The heat is adjustable too.

thirteen / travel beauty bag – this bag was a find earlier in the year and when I say it holds it all…it really does!

fourteen / blanket – I scored this blanket at the Nordstrom Sale and have not looked back. It is now the blanket that is fought over in my house hold. It is a bit of a splurge, but I think it’s worth it. There are also several look alikes out there….this ONE has been pretty popular if you wan to try a less expensive option.

fifteen / apple watch band – this watch band goes with everything. It’s comfortable and clear so mixes in with anything you’ve got going on. I love also that it is raised on the sides so protects your Apple Watch face.

sixteen / athletic shorts – these are truly my ride or die shorts. I workout in them, run around town in them and lounge around the house in them. True to size.

seventeen / red nail polish – my go to RED polish every year is BIG APPLE RED

eighteen / cologne – My husband and I have been on the hunt and this was recommended for both of us. Yes both!! We both wear it and it smells different on both of us. Try it!

nineteen / sports bra – This supportive sports bra hasn’t let me down yet. And a bonus…the cups are removable and haven’t gotten lost or bend in the wash yet.😂

twenty / leggings – ride or die Amazon leggings! True to size. You’ll love these!



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