It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It is that time again, I am so excited to share my friend Dani, aka hostess with mostest and the annual Favorite Things Party including all the gift ideas everyone brought, a yummy recipe and how to throw a favorite things party! I love sharing this blog post every year and hope you all get some great gift & stocking stuffer ideas from it. If you missed last year’s post it’s filled with lots of gift ideas under $20. Click here for that post.

Cutest hostess with mostest – Dots & Dashes

Every year I pour over the web to find all the goodies from the Favorite Things Party for your shopping needs! If I can’t find the exact item, I will do my best to link something similar. Now let’s talk party!

So last year I brought this to the FTP and honestly I would have brought it again! I can’t get enough. I also came home with this fan last year that I use in my bathroom while getting ready…would have never bought for myself or thought of it…genius. That’s what I love about these parties… you discover so many fun new things and ideas.

My gift this year is a new find that I’ve been loving. I shared this last month ~ and think they both can make the best little gift for anyone on your list – especially those candle lovers. The wick trimmers are easy to use and also make the prettiest display piece. The flameless, rechargeable candle lighter is a fun way to replace the everyday bic lighters we all have. If you don’t have little hands around, it also is pretty to display. It does have a safety turn off button that is hard for small hands to turn.


There are several variations of this party. It’s all about having fun and making it your own! We drew numbers a different way this year and I found it was easier to follow and smoother to call out numbers when you have such a large group. But really any version works!

Directions for Invite: Set a price for gift. Each person brings 3 of the SAME item – WRAPPED. You are bringing 3 gifts to share, and will go home with 3 different gifts.

How to play: As everyone arrives have a numbered sign in sheet by the door. Guests will sign in next to a number and remember their personal number.

The hostess: Put three pieces of paper with each number on it in a bowl. So three 1’s, 2’s, 3’s etc. for how many guests you have.

Game time: When it’s time to pass out gifts, the guest that is number ONE on the sheet will draw three DIFFERENT numbers from the bowl. (Can’t draw your own) Those three numbers will receive that gift. For example, she pulls out number 8, 22, and 5. She calls those numbers aloud and if you signed up on the guest list next to that number you get that gift. Don’t forget to open it up and show everyone!

Sharing – sometimes with a big group it’s hard to see and hear what the items are so make to share why it’s your fave or if you need to explain your item ~ do so.:)

Once all gifts are distributed each guest will have passed out their three items as well as receive three different items to take home. This party idea is so fun and creative. It is such a great way to try new things, find new gift ideas and of course the best is spending time with your friends!


Recipe pg. 103 of Magnolia Table Cookbook – this recipe was delicious and looks amazing so if you have this cook book turn to page 103!

Christmas Tree Cake Recipe

Another yummy treat Dani serves is this tree dip! It’s so delicious and will for sure hit the sweet tooth.

  • 2 Boxes os Christmas Tree Cakes
  • 1 Tub of Cool Whip (softened)
  • 1 Block of cream cheese (softened)
  • 1/3 cup of milk
  • 1 tbsp vanilla

Add all but one cake to a large mixing bowl and mash them up. Add in all other ingredients and mix on low until combined. Pour into a festive dish and garnish with the remaining Christmas tree for decor. Serve with vanilla wafers, graham crackers, etc…..

(not my own, recipe shared from a friend)


These are the items that came home with me last night! I am so excited to try the Unite spray and of course I love the laundry detergent and the cutest Mudpie towel! 😉

You will always find beauty products to try!

This cute wand will be perfect for turning the tree on and off!

This fragrance oil smelled amazing! I found the roll on version that would be perfect to throw in your bag.

Full List of Gift Ideas

*note I tried to find the exact item for each gift ~ if sold out or not available I linked something similar for gift inspiration.

  1. Dawn foam dish soap / scrubsy (dish cloth and scrubber) – Diane brought the cutest gift package filled with her favorite new foam dish soap. I already bought one to try! You can pick it up at grocery store or click here to shop.
  2. My gift this year ~ wick candle trimmer + flameless candle lighter
  3. Jackie brought Diva laundry detergent + a similar Mudpie hand towel – I brought both of these home and love! I use just a dash of the smell good detergent with my Tide clean and clear. You don’t need much, a little goes a long way.
  4. Wand to light up your Christmas tree – Jill brought this cute wand especially for the kids! I found it on Amazon. It lights up your tree!
  5. Brumate slim can holder ~Kelly brought this and they are always a hit! I love the glitter options too.
  6. Amber fragrance oil – Sarah brought this gift home and I thought it smelled so good. A very light subtle scent.
  7. Seltzer shower holder + Swedish scrubber – I thought both of these gifts that Stephanie brought were so original and neat! The shower drink holder is genius and I came home and ordered the Swedish scrubber!
  8. Dr. Dennis Gross daily exfoliation pads Shayna brought these everyday pads that she has been loving! I am so interested in trying it. She also brought an adorable plaid sleep mask.
  9. Jessica brought the cutest alcohol infused kit from Painted Tree! It looks delicious. I found a similar one if you aren’t local. similar Alcohol infused kit
  10. Kate Spade necklace – the prettiest pearl dainty neckalce – this would make the perfect gift for the jewelry lover.
  11. Goodr sunglasses – Dani gave these sunnies that we all love! We wear them to play tennis and workout in. They don’t slide down your nose. You can browse the entire Goodr site too for more colors!
  12. Skin Medica facial cleanser – Sarah brought her favorite facial cleanser – this looks like a good one to try! + these cute studs!
  13. Mini volcano candle + Tarte juicy lip – Lindsay brought two of my faves! The volcano candle + my newest juicy lip fave
  14. Smart plug + The Ultimate throw – Angie brought the smart plug and explained she uses it most with her hair tools, so if she leaves her curling iron on she can turn it off with her phone through the smart plug app. You can also use the plug for lamps, lights, christmas trees and more!
  15. MINI Make up eraser (full size) + Morphe Eye Obsessed 12 pack brush collection – Amanda always has the best beauty finds! I ordered the make up eraser cloth today. It says it takes off all your make up! + the brush collection looked great too for those beauty lovers.
  16. similar Round cheese board – I love a good wooden board. You can alwasy use them for decorating or serving! A girl can never have too many.
  17. Muk Luks socks – These socks looked amazing for cold winter nights!
  18. Unite heat activator spray – Heidi brought this spray and I can’t wait to try it. I love the brand Unite! *I use this UNITE texture spray and love it!
  19. 1803 Candles – These candles smell so yummy! They have tons of flavors online and this Christmas tree scent is calling my name.
  20. Brumate coffee cup with handle – Melinda brought the coffee mug version of the brumate and I love that its a bigger size WITH a handle!
  21. Monat body polish – Amanda brought this body polish! Sounds so interesting.
  22. similar wooden Christmas tree candle – Christen snagged these wooden Christmas tree candles in Round Top – I found the empty version online which I bought one at The Nutcracker Market – such a great gift idea!
  23. Bath and Body Works body glitter & Into the Night body cream – This body cream and glitter sounded amazing! Plus she attached the cutest beaded bracelets with her gift.
  24. Mary Kay finishing spray – I am so interested in this one. A finishing spray is perfect to top off your make up, so it holds all day.
  25. tea /coffee filter thermos – Lindsey brought this tea filter thermos that will make a statement where ever you go! So sparkly!
  26. Acrylic frames – Sarah brought these and I love them! They have several different sizes online too.
  27. The Oregon Trail game – Raina brought this game and it sounds so fun! We are always looking for a fun card game to play with the family.

This is what the dish looks like empty ~ I love filling it with candy or decor for the holidays.

Items 1, 1b, 2, 13a, 13b, 14b, 15a, 15b,

Items 4, 6, 10, 19, 20, 24

Items 3, 5, 7a, 7b, 8, 17, 26

Items 11, 12b, 14a, 25, 27

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I hope you enjoyed this year’s Favorite Things Party blog post! I love writing this post after such a fun party. Did you have a favorite thing from this year’s list? This post does contain affiliate links that help support ROC Blog. If you do decide to make a purchase through this blog post, the links above will take you directly to the item of choice! Thank you for supporting Running On Clean Blog. 🙂 Happy Holidays!

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  1. I love all these great gift ideas! I have the Amber scented body oil and absolutely love it. Great for everyday wear or night out on the town.

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