The clutter has been put away, and I am slowly cleaning out closets for the changing seasons. As most of you know we moved during the summer time and I have slowly been making our house a home. My master bedroom was first on my list. I am so excited to share this space with you. I am still in need of a large rug with color, but besides that everything is pretty much done.

This blog post is all about my master bedroom refresh. Small details and affordable finds to make our space cozy and bright.

Bedroom Reveal

Bedding details

Euro pillows | Euro pillow inserts | lumbar velvet pillows | lumbar inserts | sheets | temperature controlled blanket | duvet cover (king) | duvet insert

I am so excited how our master bedroom turned out! I scored my bedside tables and dresser in Round Top, Texas over the last two years and recently bought our master bed from Laurie’s in Tomball, Texas. (sorry, I don’t have links for those items) TIP: Purchase larger room items first, so you get a feel for the room and which style you want to go. So many times, people would remind me that it is a process. So I have been buying furniture for my master the last two years! I still have a few more things I want to do in this room, but wanted to share the progress with you, since I have had a few requests for items lately.

Bedding Tips

Think about your master bedroom as “your space”. A place where you want to feel relaxed and comfortable in. A place that works well and functions as a restful space. Once you have figured out your furniture pieces then you can dive into the bedding.

  1. Don’t splurge on the comforter / duvet – especially if you don’t sleep with it. – Our duvet is honestly for decoration. We don’t cover up with it at all, so it is for “looks”. My husband doesn’t like anything heavy on him, so it’s never used. Because of this…..I decided to save money on this part of my bedding since I knew I just wanted white. I found this duvet on Amazon and it’s perfect for our bed. It is available in a few different color options as well. Now…if you have your eye on something perfect for you and you do cover up with it at night – you may not mind spending a little more on it….that’s totally justifiable in my book.
  2. Duvet insert – If you do plan to cover with your duvet – you may want to choose the duvet insert to best suite your needs. Again, since ours is for looks I didn’t splurge but I did want to find one that had good reviews and came recommended by others. This insert has been great for our bed. It actually is not too thick and pretty light compared to others I have felt. Click here to check it out.
  3. Sheets – GET WHAT YOU LOVE! If that means splurge….then do it. The worst thing about sleeping is when the sheets are bad. No one wants sweaty, too thin, too thick, scratchy sheets. Just think of your sheets like a bra! 😉 You sleep on them everyday and you want them to be comfortable, to help you get a good night sleep. So, if the sheets you love are a splurge…DO IT!
    • I am always testing out sheets and actually asked you guys for your favorite sheet recommendations…… This set I have had for about a year and we rotate them in. They are more affordable and a great set if you aren’t wanting to splurge too much. They also were recommended by several people with I asked about favorite sheets.
    • Just ordered this set – a reader recommended them! They are under $100 and the reviews look great.

sheet options: Under $50 set | Under $100 set |


(tried to pull from every price point)

KOHL’s $50 | Macy’s Under $100 | Northern Nights Under $100 | Bole & Branch Under $200| Cariloha sheets Under $200 |

4. Blanket – We have a thin temperature controlled blanket on our bed that was my splurge item for our bed. I recommend again splurging on something like this if you are going to sleep with it every night – which we do! It says it helps control your body temperature in hot and cold temps! So far so good! We have been sleeping with this blanket on our bed since Sept/Oct and we both love it. My husband likes it because it is not too thick and keeps him cool and at the same time it is comfortable and perfect for me too! If I get chilly on that rare occasion I just add my throw blanket to the bed. Click here for that one! (it’s been on sale) You will see it displayed on my chair in this blog post.

5. Euro pillows and inserts – These pillows are purely for decor, so here I am again saying not to splurge if you don’t have to. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you have your mind set on something and it is a splurge…that’s ok too. (Like a particular pattern or design) But if you are trying to mix and match and save a little money here and there, the Euro pillow and inserts don’t have to break the bank.

TIP: For a fullness in your Euro pillow covers – double up on thin inserts or go a size bigger or even two sizes bigger. It is all trial and error until you get the look you want. Click here for the euro pillow inserts I used.

6. Decor lumbar pillows and inserts – I love a pretty pop of color and when I bought these lumbar velvet pillow covers I originally had them in my living room, but they have made their way to my bed for now! I love the color that they add in this space and I love that I can move them around in my home if needed. The inserts are also excellent quality and go well with these pillows. These inserts are also the ones I purchased for all my couch pillows, since again we sit on our couch every day and I wanted them to be comfortable for our family and guests.

Couch pillows (used these inserts for all)

Small Details

Small details make all the difference. I try to make a Home Goods run when I can or search Amazon for affordable accent decor pieces. This mirror tray is a very old Home Goods find and is perfect for any bedside table or vanity area. I found a similar one here. I like this one too!

gold tray | my boxwood is VERY OLD…..but I just ordered this one that has a blue and white vase…..LOVE IT! Click here.

Throw blanket |similar Amazon round table | wooden links | basket weave vase | greenery stems

Accent Recliner Chair – we recovered my husband’s grandmother’s small recliner. It made the perfect accent chair for our room. We went with a darker fabric for kid reasons and because it’s actually pricey to recover recliners compared to a regular chair…..Because of all the added parts and pieces on a recliner. So we didn’t want to have to recover it again. If you want to browse check this one out! Affordable and great for a small space.

Bedding details

Euro pillows | Euro pillow inserts | lumbar velvet pillows | lumbar inserts | sheets | temperature controlled blanket | duvet cover (king) | duvet insert

Other details

Target Lamp & shade |Target mirrors |Target gold frame | Round Top shell bowl – (similar)

Throw blanket |similar Amazon round table | wooden links | basket weave vase | greenery stems

Bonus Tip: A friend recommended this spray to get the wrinkles out of your comforter / duvet. Ours gets wrinkled because it is folded at the end of our bed a lot, so spraying this on literally knocks the wrinkles OUT! It always looks so much better after I spray it. I picked this up at my local grocery store, but it is also on Amazon! Click here.

What are some of your bedroom decorating tips? What do you splurge on? I hope this post has given you ideas if you are in the refresh and decorating mode! Or if you are just looking for new bedroom inspiration! Thank you for reading about what I love.

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