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I’ve been excited to share this blog post with you guys since most of you have heard me talk about Jessica, my trainer and friend. Working out is something I have always done ever since I played sports in college, but as the years have gone by consistency has slowed and well life has just happened.

In this blog post I am sharing my commitment and results I saw last year while training with Jessica AND updating you guys on this year’s progress too. Click here to read all about Jessica and to follow her Instagram account.

A little history, I met Jessica while playing tennis in 2020, and first started picking her brain about her personal training business. She has been a personal trainer and nutrition consultant for 17 years. She trains inside her home gym which you must see… just got an upgrade! She also works with clients virtually too. JRJ Training is more than just hiring a personal trainer. She is your coach, your nutritionist, your check in partner and your cheerleader! Jessica designs specific programs to meet your individual needs and helps give you the tools to meet your goals. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced.


Sooooooo NO ONE likes those before pictures, and funny we take them thinking no one will ever see these.😂 I am sharing these images to show you hard work CAN pay off. These images were last year’s work with Jess! In January I was feeling sluggish, tired, bloated and was not enjoying my 40’s. (I turned 40 in 2020) I knew I needed something different, a change, a boost in my normal routine. Now, I know what you might be thinking…..don’t you always workout? Yes and no! I have always worked fitness into my routine, but some weeks were better than others. My nutrition was suffering and I had let sugars and processed foods creep back into my lifestyle over the last 6 years after having my third son.

I had finally had enough and this is when I decided to try something new and train with JRJ Training.

Goal Setting Tips

1. Start small – We all have our big goals in our head and yes those are doable, but starting small gives you something to cheer for in a shorter period of time. Create your goal sheet and write down all short term and long term goals. Hang them up for you to see and read everyday.

2. Team up – find a buddy, accountable partner, spouse, whomever to check in on you and your progress.

3. Take the photos, measurements. Write it ALL down! You’ll thank yourself later.

4. Pick your start date and just START!! You’ve got this!

5. Allow yourself that “cheat” meal at the end of the week. I like to do this during the first couple of months when I am extra strict to break my body of the cravings and habits. Pick that ONE cheat meal and stick to it.

My goals last year: 1. TONE up. 2. Have more energy 3. Lose 10 pounds 4. Feel better in my clothing

**I am teaching myself that the scale does NOT matter. How you feel and how your clothes fit is what truly matters! Believe me this is a battle that I have always fought. It’s hard ladies, I am right there with you. I knew I had to trust the process and go all in.

In the beginning: I started out following Jessica’s nutrition plan to a T and working out with her TWICE a week doing weight training and then did a few days of cardio on my own. Once this became routine for me, and I knew I could push myself a little more – I added my own third day of weight lifting to my routine. I took what I learned from Jessica to the gym for one work out a week.


Jessica is a personal trainer and nutrition consultant. She is your guide to a personalized workout routine and/or nutrition plan. She works with you to design a fitness plan to help you meet your goals. What is a session like with Jessica? What can I expect with Jessica?

Jessica trains in here home gym, but also works with clients online, so you don’t have to be local! She takes your measurements monthly and ask that you weigh in monthly as well to track your progress. She also recommends taking monthly pictures because sometimes the scale doesn’t show the progress and change your body is showing.

My session: I try to do a small warm up before starting my session. Jessica coaches me through a 45 minute weight training session where she discusses the moves, how to execute them, what muscles I am targeting and then watches me perform the move. She creates a super set for me to work through each set 3 times before moving on to the next super set. So for example, if I am lifting and focusing on legs, she may have me do a set of steps up, then squats, and finish with reverse lunges (all with weights – depending on level) . You work through those three exercises THREE times. That is one super set. I usually can get in 3-4 super sets in a 45 minute period depending on the exercises. What is also great about Jessica’s training is she mixes it up. You aren’t doing the same exercises every week. She has a variety of exercises to help keep the training sessions fun and new.

3 month change: -8lb and -9.25 inches lost
January 2021 vs. July 2021

This was last year’s progress shots and I am so glad I snapped them. In the moment, I didn’t want to but it shows hard work and consistency DOES pay off! I worked out with Jessica for about 8 months and was so pleased with my progress. I lifted with Jessica twice a week, and eventually added a third day of lifting on my own after learning a thing or two from Jess. Mixing in cardio of all different types and following a nutritional guideline I was able to reach my goals and some!


Last fall, I had to stop working out for a while and treat a few leg injuries…..THREE to be exact. This is the moment that we want to scream LIFE ISN’T FAIR. Throw in the towel…give up! I sort of did for awhile. I let things go and lost a lot of the progress I had gained. I was still able to play tennis but that was about all I could do. Weights took a backseat for a few months and so did my walking / jogging. My diet spiraled also. Not a good combo for me.

When January of this year rolled around I had gained 10 pounds in about 4 months and my measurements were basically back to where I started the previous year. I felt defeated, but knew I had to try again! I started out slow on my own with 2-3 days weight training at my local gym and making small changes to my diet. I also started walking again 2 times a week or more if I could squeeze it in. I was feeling much better and for the first month I lost about 5 pounds which gave me the motivation I needed to keep going. I didn’t take a January picture since my start weight was heavier than my previous January weight and my measurements I did on my own were basically the same. This is why I say take the picture! I wish I would have done it in January because I did work hard for 2-3 months on my own!

This image I took in early March, so I had been working out on my own for 2 months and had lost about 5 pounds, but knew I still wasn’t feeling myself, but had to document with a picture that we don’t want anyone to see! 😉 This image does show progress and that is what matters. This when I reached back out to Jessica to get started again!

LATEST RESULTS: This is my latest comparison from early March photo before starting with Jess. I measured with Jess March 28th and then took the right picture on May 5th ( inches lost and weight recorded on 4/28)… MY RESULTS after being with Jessica for just 4 weeks: LOST 2.75 inches over all and a full INCH in my waist! Plus I lost 3.5 pounds!

I am preaching to myself here, but staying consistent is key. Sometimes the scale doesn’t move, but ladies to be honest that is ok! Our bodies are constantly changing, with hormones, water intake, bloating, time of the month etc…. And as we get older it doesn’t get any easier. I know we only live once and we must enjoy the cake too, but I am a firm believer that you can have your treats in moderation, you just have to give it your all the rest of the time!

Now I am working through week SIX and can’t wait for the next month’s results. Jessica and I have also teamed up to help bring JRJ Training to life on Instagram. Be sure to check out her latest videos where she shares work out tips, full body lifting moves, pregnancy safe tips, plus nutrition and motivation! Click here to follow JRJ Training on Instagram. I love that she shared meal ideas like this video. She is about to have her 2nd baby and her pregnancy videos are so inspiring for all the pregnant mommas out there. She also shares several fitness videos like this super set I did last week and this glute/leg action video. Follow along for more tips and videos from JRJ TRAINING. You can also check out more about Jessica and her fitness background on her website. Click here.

Writing this blog post I do hope it has helped motivate you to do what is best for you! Sometimes trying new things can lead to great change but you won’t know until you try it! My change was trying JRJ Training and I am so happy I did. Jessica is also happy to talk to you about any personal training / nutrition questions you may have. You can reach her through her accounts. Stay tuned and follow my Instagram for more JRJ Training results!

Thank you for reading about what I love. These posts are sometimes hard to share and write, but if I can help / inspire one person to go for it, to make those healthy changes, to feel better than my job is done! xo, Ja’ Net

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