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Are you an at home fitness gal or do you love hitting the gym to get your sweat on?  I have to say, I am both!  Since I can’t get to the gym daily while my big boys are at school, working out at home has become a big part of my weekly routine.  I try to mix in workouts that work best for me, since my little Weston is at home with me every day.   Exercising is a huge part of my life.  It keeps me sane and makes me feel better after I am done.

Finding the time and finding what works for you can be tricky.  Whether it’s your full-time job that gets in the way, taking care of your home and kids, traveling, or just plain tired!  I get it!  I am there too.  I have learned that I have to make my own goals.  I have to do what is right for my body.  I can’t worry about what others are doing, because then I will just compare, wish, or let negative thoughts creep into my head to keep me from exercising.

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My life right now consists of mainly at home workouts with a little bit of Orange Theory mixed in.  I am still new to OT, so I will update on those results soon. ( I have only been there a month but really love it)  Running has always been my go to exercise, but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted, and my “old” knees have caught up with me.  Also with three boys, we do a lot of stroller walks, park visits and foot races, so I try to get my heart rate up when we are playing outside.

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Razor back tank  *  Graphic Tee  (similar)  * Motto Leggings  (two colors) *  Nike

I also love strength training and HITT workouts that I can do at home since gym life is hard to commit to on a daily basis.  An example of one of my home workouts is 30 minutes of HITT.  I rotate through different speeds or exercises to get my heart rate up and then bring it back down.  And an added bonus is no equipment is needed except space.  I can do this workout with my little guy in the stroller or near by playing.  He enjoys being outside, so it’s a win win for the both of us.

I try to incorporate a sprint workout like the one below, once a week.  I like how you can change-up the distance, time and speed of this workout to fit your needs and fitness level.

Sprint Workout: 

  • Warm up-5 minute brisk walk or jog
  • Sprint- 50 yards
  • Walk back to starting point to let heart rate lower
  • Repeat this for 15 minutes
  • Jog for 3-5 minutes
  • Cool Down – 2-5 minute walk and stretching

Another workout I try to incorporate into my routine is a strength workout.   What is great about this workout is you can easily alter it to match your fitness level.  For example, push-ups are hard for me, so sometimes I break the set of 20 into two separate sets.  Again, I always pay attention to my body and do what is working best for me that day.

 Workout w/ Strength: 

  • Warm Up: 5 minute brisk walk or jog
  • Burpees x10
  • Squats x30
  • Push ups x20
  • Mountain Climbers x40
  • Lunges x24
  • Tricep Dips x20 (I use a kitchen chair)
  • REPEAT 6 EXERCISES  3 times
  • (Goal to complete each cycle between 5-7 minutes)
  • Cool Down: 2 minute jog/3 minute walk

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What is a good workout without your comfy workout gear!  I love these motto pants for everyday causal wear, and for working out!  They are so comfortable and the high waist is a must.  They are worth the splurge to me, because they are stylish enough to wear with your favorite tunic and slip on sneakers.  I also have another pair of black leggings that are high-waisted and super comfortable.  They are my go to leggings for everyday and will be great for working out in the cooler weather.  Come on Texas fall weather!!!

Motto Leggings (comes in two colors)

Plain Black Leggings


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These Nike shoes are so comfortable and I have heard great things about them, so I jumped on the bandwagon to give them a try.  They are as light as air, and great for walking around in.  I tested them out on our last zoo trip.  I also love them because they are super cute and comfy for a day of errands.

Lastly, if you are a loose fit top workout girl like me, then these sleeveless graphic tees are perfect!  These tops are super cheap, and they have become my workout top of choice.   If you like the tighter fit, you can’t go wrong with this razor back tank that stays in place during any workout.

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Now let’s get our heart rates up!  What home workouts do you like to do?  Have you found easy ways to work out with kids at home?  Please share your thoughts. I love hearing new ideas and would love to hear if you try one of my workouts!

XO, Ja’Net


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