Hey y’all! I am back with more FWTFL information. The title of this blog post made me so happy! I just completed my first round of FASTer Way To Fat Loss, and I couldn’t be more excited. FWTFL came at the right time, and I am so glad I jumped in and took the chance!

If you read my first blog post and are ready to join me on the next round you can sign up HERE. The next round will start February 24th.

I am sharing this blog post to share information about my personal experience with FASTer Way To Fat Loss. This blog post is meant to inspire and inform.

My results:

START– January 8th- Weighed + measured lower belly, stomach, waist line, thighs and arms.

Let me start by saying for those that don’t know. I have worked out in the gym since my high school sports. I use to run and run and run miles thinking it was how to stay fit. Then my knees finally gave out, so I moved on to biking and any cardio I could do plus mixing in gym workouts. After having my third little boy in 2016 life got really busy and I couldn’t keep up or have the energy to workout most days. 🙁 So, for the last three years I have been bouncing around trying to “lose the baby weight”!

6 weeks later results:

Weight- LOST 9 POUNDS (Lost 9 inches all over)


Starting my first round I went into it with an open mind of trying something new for the 6 weeks. FWTFL offers so much information during the entire 6 weeks. Meal plans, workouts, one on one coaching, and accountability groups.

One of my favorite things about this program is Prep Week. So, no matter where you are starting from you have a week of coaching and accountability to ease into making changes. I also love that each day Christina, my coach pops in the accountability group to check in and share important information. She also shares tons of ideas for snacks and ways to get in the right fats, carbs and proteins. YES, you can have carbs!

When I started FWTFL I wasn’t sleeping well and of course mom of three = tired most of the time. One of the first things I noticed immediately is the uninterrupted sleep I started getting after only two weeks in. I was sleeping so much better and going to sleep faster at night. My energy levels have also increased. I haven’t needed that 2pm nap! To be honest, yes there are some days I am still tired, but what mom of 3 young children isn’t tired from time to time. I have noticed that when I am sleeping better at night I am waking up more refreshed and ready for my day.

Work Outs

I also took full advantage of the workouts that are provided with the FWTFL program. The 30 minutes workouts can be done at home or at the gym. They even offer modifications and low impact options. When I first started I committed to getting in 3 workouts a week and that is just what I did. As the weeks continued I realized how quick the workouts were and just told myself it’s 30 minutes. FWTFL recommends trying the workouts during your round, but it is not mandatory. I managed to get in 3-4 workouts on most weeks and the final week I did the full 5 days of workouts + 2 recovery days.

I haven’t worked out at home in years. I have been a gym goer. Even though these workouts can be done at your gym, I decided to give them a try at home. My little one was just getting over back to back colds and heading to the gym just wasn’t in the cards. First I noticed how much more time I had in my day by not commuting to and from the gym. I could sneak in my workout as needed and go about my day. The HITT workouts and weight training workouts have been extremely helpful and I have been able to increase my weights at home without injury!


If you are new to FASTer Way To Fat Loss like I was, I know you might have a ton of questions. I know I did. I was so nervous about the intermitted fasting and had so many thoughts of “no way” I can’t or won’t be able to do that. I 100% surprised myself and couldn’t believe that it actually is doable and so eye opening.

FWTFL was the right move for me! I answered the most common questions asked about FWTFL and the questions you guys sent me in my first blog post. Click here to read. Questions like what is intermitted fasting? Can I drink coffee? What can I eat and not eat? How long do I fast? What is this program all about?

Christina, my coach is starting up another round of FWTFL February 24th and if you are ready to jump in like I did, join me by clicking the link below!


CLICK HERE to join the FEB. 24th Round

Now that 6 weeks of FWTFL has ended I feel confident and equipped with the knowledge to continue this lifestyle change. I am amazed at how much change I have noticed and can’t wait to see more! If you have any questions please feel free to message me or head to my first blog post for more details.

I love that the FASTer Way To Fat Loss has taught me it is progress not perfection! JOIN ME for the Feb. 24th round!

Xo, Ja’Net

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