Hey hey! If you have stuck around with me over the years you know I am one to stay on top of my health and eating. All in balance of course. 🙂 Well over the holidays, that did not happen. Really the last 6 months it didn’t. Weight gain, energy level plummeted, tired and back to sneaking in naps. I knew something had to be done….and fast. Insert FASTer Way to Fat Loss. I jumped all in on a program that is new to me. I am so excited to share my progress with you guys. I wanted to give it some time to try it out and make sure it worked and after just three weeks I can report back and tell you IT IS WORKING! I also am excited about a new round starting January 27th that I will be in with Christina Shabet as your coach. If you are curious or looking to start something new…..JOIN ME! Click this link to sign up.

This post is all about my experience so far using the FWTFL program. This post is meant to inform, encourage and inspire you if you are looking for something like I was.


After getting pregnant with my third son at the age of 35 and having W at 36 I struggled with getting the baby weight off, getting back to feeling like me. The extra weight has never fallen off of me like some say it does. After every pregnancy I had to work HARD. And this meant 5 days at the gym or running miles at home. All the while trying to adjust to life with 3 boys. I have completed two rounds of Whole 30, and I felt like it did help me get an understanding of eating whole foods. It helped get the junk out of my diet, but I didn’t know how to keep it going after the 30 days were up. I didn’t know how to make it a lifestyle and do everything else without crashing at 2pm. My weeks were filled with daily hour workouts + cooking for a family of 5 + restricting my food intake with little carbs AND trying to have enough energy to be a good wife and mom. It felt impossible. Fast forward to this past summer…..W turned 3 and I basically gave in. Blamed it on I am almost 40. Everyone says there isn’t anything you can do. It’s hormones, it’s your metabolism, you just have to be content with your “older” self. So, I listened and indulged and accepted this was going to be 40. The holidays hit and my body was basically pleading with me, my energy was low and my clothes weren’t fitting.

I had heard the buzz on social media about FASTer Way to Fast Loss and knew it had something to do with intermittent fasting but that was about it. I wanted something new, something that would hopefully help me find a balance and get back to feeling good again. I signed up for FWTFL 3 weeks ago and am so glad I did! FWTFL is a 6 week program that starts with a prep week to gradually get your body and mind ready for the FASTer Way.

Getting started.….before the first day, I took my weight and measurements and the dreaded “mug shot” I mean…..start photos. (which is highly recommended) 🙂

6 week round with Christina – Once signed up, I was given access to my new client portal. This website has everything you need. Daily meal plans that work for any lifestyle. Daily workouts you can do at home, at the gym and there is even a low impact option. The new client essentials is filled your basic information to get started and help you take this one day at a time.

I also was added to an accountability group with one on one help from my coach, Christina Shabet. She has been there every step of the way. I start my day reading her daily posts and what my goals are for the day. You also will get access to the FWTFL app that holds everything the portal has, so perfect for on the go. The app has daily suggestions and tips to help you stay on track + all the workouts and meal plan information for easy access.

How FASTer Way to Fat Loss works is by using three strategies that work! Here they are.

  1. Whole Food Eating | eating whole foods only -cut out processed foods – FASTer Way focuses on eating whole foods during the 6 week program. This is taking out processed foods, dairy, gluten, and alcohol. This is highly recommended if you have never done it before to give your body rest and recovery from any damage that processed foods have created. Is this hard? Yes, for sure! That is why I love prep week. You take a full week to focus on whole food eating and slowly backing off of those foods.
  2. Intermittent Fasting | only eat within an 8 hour window – For me, from 12:00pm – 8pm is when I am eating. From 8pm-12:00pm I am fasting (not eating). What is great this time frame is not set in stone. If you prefer 6pm-10am for fasting, you can do it! or 7:30pm-11:30am….perfect! Can I do this? Yes, at first it may take adjusting, but once your body adjusts you are golden. Can I have coffee during the fasting time? Yes (up to 50 calories)
  3. Carb Cycling | you control the amount of carbs you take in on a given day through out the program for maximum results – You will have low carb days, regular macro days and and be able to enjoy your favorite treats as well. I have never done this approach, but so far I am loving it and like the variety of foods I can mix in on the low carb and regular carb days. What is a MACRO? (fats, protein, carbs) Don’t let macros scare you away. This is what the My Fitness Pal app is for and your coach. Christina was extremely helpful with guiding me and helping me set up the app. She also will help set personal macros as well as figuring out low carb day numbers.


The app and portal also provide daily workouts that are 30 minutes. Each day is designated to fit in with your macro day. Do you have to do the workouts? No, but it is recommended to try them. I am a gym junkie, so switching things up was just a mind set and something I committed to trying. I made a goal of 3 FWTFL workouts the first week, 4 the following week and now I am loving them. I love how quick they are and doing them at home I need minimal gear. There are HIIT workouts, weight training, stretching and active recovery days. The best part is they are under 30 minutes. You can get these workouts done at home or at the gym and be on your way. There is even a low impact option and modifications on each workout for beginner to advanced.

Questions I have been asked… –

  1. Can you have coffee? Absolutely! I need my coffee to get going in the mornings! We can definitely have our coffee; Christina can help you tweak the ingredients a bit so you do not break your fast.
  2. How many low carb days do you have? Just TWO.
  3. What restrictions do you follow during the 8 hour eating window? FWTFL wants us to eat whole foods which means cutting out processed items and replacing snacks with healthy whole choices. I eat good carbs, healthy fats and protein daily.
  4. What can you eat and not eat? FWTFL recommends eliminating dairy and gluten from your diet during the 6 week program. Steer clear from processed foods and focus on whole food nutrition. This gives our bodies time to heal and gets our digestion back on track from any damage that may have been done.
  5. Do you feel dizzy after fasting? I have not felt dizzy after fasting. I start my day with a cup of warm lemon water and then I will have my cup of coffee with one scoop of my collagen. You also have the freedom to adjust your fasting window during prep week, so you can determine what best suits you. For example, some days I broke by fast at 11:30am instead of 12:00pm.
  6. How many hours do you fast? Your window is an 8 hour eating window, so you will be fasting for 16 hours and half of them are while you are sleeping.
  7. Can you do the nutrition party only? The nutrition strategies are the meat and potatoes of the program! Workouts are not required, although exercise can accelerate results. Many clients see incredible success focusing solely on the nutrition strategies in the FASTer Way.
  8. How did you find the exact macros for your body? Christina, my coach is amazing. She helps you set up all of your macros for regular days and low carb days. Everything in tracked in My Fitness Pal app, so the counting is done for you.
  9. Are there ever coupon codes for the sign up fee? Codes are offered rarely but you always have the option to register a spouse for half the cost. This 6 week program offers you all the tools to start healthy habits. From meal plans (vegan options), to full workouts (home, gym or low impact options) to everyday essentials, tips in the FASTer Way app, food recommendations and Christina as your coach! She is in it with you and will be there to help every step of the way!
  10. What is the cost? The initial cost is $199 for the 6 week program *Includes education, meal plans, workouts, accountability, and coaching After that you have the opportunity to become a VIP member.
  11. How do you give up dairy? Alcohol? Giving up dairy seems hard at first but it is really a mind set. Dairy can be causing problems to your digestive system and you don’t even know it. It is recommended to try and take it out of your diet for the first 6 weeks to see if you notice a difference. (less stomach issues, bloating, etc.) Here’s the deal on alcohol. FASTer Way is meant to be a lifestyle, NOT a deprivation diet. With that said, alcohol will slow your ability to effectively burn fat. HOWEVER, Christina will teach you how to make better choices when it comes to alcohol and how to best incorporate it into your weekly routine. 
  12. When is the next round? January 27th is when prep week begins! Sign up here.

My 3 Week Progress + Results

It is always HARD to share these pictures and to be honest I didn’t think anyone would ever see them. I am sharing them with intentions to show you it’s “not in my genes” I wasn’t “born this way” I am a mom that is almost 40 that wasn’t happy with how she was feeling and looking. I have had three children by C-sections and my youngest just turned 3. Everyone has their own story, and personal goals they want to achieve. I am working towards mine. I am sharing my THREE WEEK PROGRESS with you to show you I do believe in this program, and I can’t wait for three more weeks!

Energy level – First and foremost after a week into the program I noticed an increase in energy. I wasn’t exhausted by 2pm and in need of a nap. I also have been sleeping better. Besides the occasional wake up call from the littles, I am sleeping straight through the night. This never happens for me, so I am waking up more rested and energetic.

Weight – LOST 5 POUNDS

Inches Lost – LOST 5 1/2 INCHES

I am only HALF WAY through my first round and so thrilled with my results. I typically would not be weighing or measuring at this point, but I want to show you that this program is working and it can be a lifestyle.

My coach, Christina has been doing the program for a year now (and her husband) and she has made it a lifestyle. She has been extremely helpful and motivating through out the round and I look forward to the weeks to come. Check out her very first 6 week round results below.

If you have any other questions please email me and I will get them answered.

JOIN ME here!

XO, Ja’Net

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