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It has been years since I have been camping! As a little girl these were my favorite memories with my family. We first started out camping in tents (there’s 6 of us BTW) and eventually upgraded to a pop up camper, which was LUXury for us😉. We didn’t realize it growing up, but these adventures is what I remember most and loved while growing up.

My parents would choose a State or National Park and we would load up and go. Sometimes it was just weekend trips and other times it was over different holidays. We stayed at several different parks, and some we went back to several times because they became our fave.

Now that I have kids, I am excited to introduce the camping world to them. Although it has been YEARS since I’ve done this and was on the other side of the packing and planning. (I was the kid) 😉 I am so thankful for all your tips and comments. You guys helped me plan this RV trip! Now, I know we will learn as we go and there will be a lot of “oh we should’ve brought that” and “lets do that next time” but I am so excited the experience with you all!

I thought before we hit the road and while things were fresh on my mind I would share a few packing tips and essentials for our RV trip! I rounded up what’s in my backpack, what we brought for the boys and all the extras!

We have some hiking, canoeing, zip lining, golf, and just laid back fun planned. Plus stay tuned for my next blog post where I will share our entire trip!

What I’m Packing

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First aid kit | small lanterns | outdoor blanket | body wipes | handheld vacuum to keep RV clean | mattress topper | RV outdoor mat | large bag for easy grab and go

Shop: What’s in my backpack?

Backpack | hand warmers | bug spray | flashlight | wipes | walkie talkies | chapstick | sunscreen | water bottle | socks | blanket

Things I ordered for the kids!

Head lamps | dinosaur head lights | leggings | hiking shoes-Toddler | big boy shoes | walkie talkies | binoculars | camelbaks | race cars | water bottles

Organizers // Bags

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Travel toiletry bag (large)

This bag I’ve used on several trips and it is hands down the best! I have the large version and it folds up nicely and can be packed in your suitcase without taking up much room. I love that it holds full size products + the hanger allows you to hang it up when traveling. Grab this bag organizer here.

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Vitamins / Meds organizer with magnetic closure

This is my new vitamin box, I use the left side for morning pills, middle for lunch pills or larger pills and right side are my evening pills! Works great. This is the large size. Click here.

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First aid kit | Lulu belt bag | Dots and Dashes Zipper bag (holds everything)

Tip: Hit up your Dollar Tree / Dollar General store for travel size everything. Easy way to pack meds and not take up too much space.

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Lulu belt bag | cords organizer | charging doc |

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Sunglasses organizer

I’ve used this sunglasses holder for several trips or just day to day storage. Keeps them all secure and safe. I also like this organizer that has an added strap to hold down glasses.

My favorite sunnies: top pair | middle pair | bottom pair

Outfits I packed

Shop: Clothing I’m packing:

Hiking pants (tts) | long sleeve active shirt (tts) | vest (tts) | hiking shoes (tts)

Packing Tip: We are packing lots and lots of layers. The weather is suppose to be perfect, not extremely hot and some chilly days, so we are bring layers. The boys will later up with leggings and shorts and jackets for chilly mornings and evenings. Same goes for us too!

Think leggings, workout shorts, workout tanks and long sleeves, vests, pullovers, socks, sports bras and lots of comfortable outdoor clothing!

Long sleeve shirts | vest TTS and so warm!| high waist leggings | black leggings | workout shorts | socks | sports bra

I also ordered these fleece lined, water resistant leggings if it got really cold!

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Hiking sneakers

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Hiking sneakers

I ordered two pairs of shoes not knowing which would fit and which would arrive since they were a last minute purchase. I decided on the white pair! They are so comfortable and tts.

My travel outfit since we will be driving most of the day…… leggings, long sleeve shirt, and sneakers! Comfy!

Packing tips I’ve learned so far:

1. Pack a small bag for each kid with their toys, books, devices and games so they can grab easily. This will save you from having to get up 1,000 times to get what they need.

2. Things to have handy – snacks, filled water bottles, sunglasses, blankets, headphones, and a charger

3. Things will MOVE around in the RV while driving so make sure everything is secure in cabinets and nothing on the counters.

4. Have a small trash bag handy for trash.

5. Make a checklist and Pack EVERYTHING the day before or when you get the RV, so when you are ready to go – check the list and roll. ✌🏻


Stay tuned for more from our adventure! I’ll be sure to write it all down and share what worked and didn’t work for us. Have a wonderful weekend friends.

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