Let’s Get Outside and Workout!

Happy Monday all!  We are back at it again, after a weekend of flag football, cheering on the Houston Astros & celebrating family birthdays!  The humidity is back, but a cool front moved in last night, and that means it’s time to get outside before it heats back up.  My boys are getting excited about fall because they know Halloween is coming.  This means I have to buy candy I don’t like, so I won’t be tempted to eat ALL OF IT! 😉  We also got “booed” last night from a “secret friend.”  This is such a cute idea!  My boys had fun looking through the bucket of goodies and talking about who they want to “boo” back!

This post is all about getting outside for a little heart pumping exercise with your little one.  Do you ever feel like sometimes you can’t get a workout in because you are home with a little one or your morning errands take up to much time?  I do!   If you read my last workout blog post then you know 5:30 AM workouts can’t happen EVERY morning for me.  I’ll fall asleep in my morning coffee. 😉  So there has to be days, I plan ahead and get my workout in.

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Being able to exercise and entertain my little ones at the same time is a mom win for sure!  I like to plan my stroller workouts for days I know getting to the gym will be hard.

Being outside in South Texas, is usually 100% humidity, but we do have a few months when it feels like heaven.   When these months hit, my indoor workouts move to outside as much as possible.

I love to jog outside, but have discovered I can get so much more out of my workout when I pay attention to my heart rate and keep it moving up and down.  This 45 minute workout I like to do with my little guy in the stroller is great.  If you are looking to try something new, give this routine a try and see how you feel afterwards.

Outfit: LuLu Lemon pants- old | Target- C9 running tank | Nike

45 Minute Stroller Workout

Warm-up: 5 minutes walking

5 minute JOG

2 minute WALK

Repeat 5 min jog/2 min walk- X5

5 minute JOG

 Cool down walk

I like to do this workout after a day of Orange Theory or weights.  Let me tell you, this workout feels great!  The main goal is to get my heart rate up when I am jogging.  Then during the 2 minute walk I focus on bringing my heart rate back down, but not for long.  It is important to not stop walking, if possible.  This is “active recovery.”  Once I repeat the 5 minute jog/2 minute walk five times, I then do one more 5 minute jog with a cool down after.

This workout can also be done with or without a stroller.  This is just one exercise routine, I like to do with Weston on a nice cool morning because we are both enjoying the time together.  He loves being in the stroller and spending time outside with him is always fun.  Some mornings, when I am up early for a workout,  I can get this cardio routine done while the kids are sleeping and my husband is getting ready for work.

You can also adjust the distance and time of this workout.  45 minutes works for my schedule and my little guy is usually ready for a snack after that.

What workouts have you done with your little ones at home?  Do you use a stroller while working out?  I hope this has given you another idea to add to your workout routine, especially if you are home with little ones.  It can be so hard to fit workouts in when you are busy all day with a baby.  Focus on the goals you have set and what you want to accomplish, and the rest will fall into place!  Just take your workouts day by day and have fun with them.

XO, Ja’Net

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Disclaimer: This workout was designed by Running On Clean Blog.  All opinions are my own.

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