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I am so excited to share my next gift guide with you guys, and I have to admit my husband had a lot of say in this one!  I had this heating car blanket on the gift guide to start, and he laughed when he saw it. 😉  Not that its a bad idea.  He said, that most men are not snuggled up in the car with a warming blanket when they are tailgating.  He said, it’s a perfect gift for me! 🙂 LOL. He is totally right.  I would be covered up in the back if I were tailgating and got cold, but doubtful “the men” would. 😉 He did love the concept, so I got to looking and found more of a sleeping bag warming blanket listed below for camping and hunting trips.

So, with that have fun checking out all my hubby’s picks or approved picks I should say for today’s Men’s Gift Guide.

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Men’s Gift Guide

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1. North Face Vest ($99) These vests always make a great gift. Ryan uses them a lot on the weekends, hunting trips and fishing trips.
2. Monogrammed Socks (set of 2) ($36) I loved this idea. A fun twist on the normal business sock.
3. Commuter 2-in-1 Garment Bag ($269) This bag looks amazing. This bag is perfect for the commuter. It has a compartment for everything, from toiletries to shoes to power cords. Amazing!
4. Criquet Fleece Jacket ($165) My husband loves this brand and this jacket is under the tree for him. 😉 He also has some of the polo shirts and loves them.
5. Leather Charger Roll-Up ($49) How neat is this idea. I feel like cords are everywhere and if your husband does some traveling this is a great idea for him.
6. Fleece Under Armor Gloves ($30) Another great stocking stuffer, gift idea.
7. Ugg House Slippers ($80) I usually get Ryan a pair of slippers every few years and I found these this year. Perfect pair for under $80.
8. Glass Decanter and Wood Stopper $48) I loved this classy decanter when I came across it and what a great price point.
9. Rainbow Flip Flops ($54) I know it’s not flip flop season, but always a good idea to have a pair on hand. Rainbow are a great brand that holds up really well.
10. John Varvatos Sample Giftset ($54) This is the cologne my husband wears in “vintage” and I just love the idea of a sample pack. You don’t have to commit to a large bottle.
11. Bond Travel Pouch ($139) Another nice bag for traveling and I love the monogram option as well as the print on this bag.
12. Pom Pom Golf Club Head Cover ($28) When I asked my husband what good “golf” gift would be he said covers! He also mentioned the pom pom vintage style covers were becoming popular again!
13. The Forgotten 500 ($12) For the reader, this book is a best seller and the reviews are great! A book is always a great gift idea for the reader in your life. 🙂
14. Electric Sleeping Bag/Blanket ($169) Ok, so I have been looking these up and there a quite a few out there. This for sure is for the outdoorsy guy that camps, hunts etc….
15. Thermal Robe ($69) (4 colors) Cozy gift idea, and I like this one because it isn’t too long.
16. Rubber Hunting Boots ($120) I know my husband is always replacing his boots, so depending on what your “guy” is into, boots of some sort are a good idea!
17. Wallet ($52) I was asked about wallets, so reading some reviews this is a nice, basic wallet at a good price point that has great reviews. I also like how it is a “slim” style so won’t be bulky.
18. Money Clip Wallet ($42) Ryan carries more of something like this shape. You can go wrong with a nice leather wallet.
19. Cooler ($49)- Ryan always appreciates a new cooler. Not quite sure what he does with them all but he has plenty. ;). I like the shape of this “console cooler” Its perfect for the outdoors.
20. Slipper ($24) I like this slipper style too and this is the pair that Ryan has now and has used over the last couple of years.  Great deal!

What do you like to buy for the “guy” in your life? I am always on the hunt for new ideas for Ryan. I personally feel like guys are the hardest to buy for!  My favorite from this list is the Criquet jacket!  I think I am going to snag him a pullover too because he wears those a lot to work.


Thank you so much for checking out this gift guide. You can click on any image or wording to shop through my direct shopping links.

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Happy shopping!
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