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As you might know, especially if you are following along on my Instagram account, I am working my way through another Whole 30 this month! Whole 30 is something I like to do for myself when I am feeling behind, sluggish and frankly have fallen off the wagon so to speak. Mid December it hit me that I couldn’t eat another dessert or look at another carb filled plate of food. Ok, well I did….but I was thinking please let the holiday day food stop!

My weakness are sweets! If it is in the house I will EAT it. No not just one, I will go back for seconds, thirds, and then the entire bag. Or if my sweet hubby brings me a Crave Cupcake from Houston I will not just have a bite or two and save the rest for later. I will devour the entire thing! What is funny though, I can stare at my kid’s bag of Oreos all day long and not eat one, but throw a carrot cake in the fridge or homemade cookies and I will eat like I haven’t eaten in days!

So, with that I know myself and have learned from trial and error and this is what works for me! So, today I am sharing a quick update on how this round of Whole 30 is going. To start off, I didn’t take before pictures this time because this is my 3rd time doing it and I knew anything would be better. πŸ™‚ I did take all of my measurements and weighed myself. You aren’t suppose to weigh again until the 30 days are finished. I haven’t weighed yet, because I did it once during a Whole30 and got down because I had only lost 1 pound. Even though, I knew it wasn’t all about weight it still bugged me! So, NO WEIGHING! πŸ˜‰

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I did set a goal for myself this go round! At my half way point if I was staying focused, incorporation exercise back into my routine and staying 100% dedicated to the 30 days, I could purchase a new workout item! Can you guess what I chose! πŸ˜‰

outfit details: high-waisted leggings | tank top | similar tank| black slip-on shoes | stud earrings sunglasses

Well if you read my last blog post about leggings, you guessed it! These cuties are under $25 and come in several colors! I went down one size, and so glad I did. The fit is perfect! Get yours here.

My workout tank is old, but one of my faves! I have it in two colors. I am also loving the new colors that are coming out for spring in this top. Get yours here. Check this one out too!

Lastly, my slip-on black shoes have been a go to since last year. This brand IS extremely comfortable. I own two pair of these and find it hard to purchase another brand. These shoes run TTS and are under $50! Get yours here.

I also snagged this cute long sleeve tee the other day while browsing online! You can’t beat the $10.39 sale price! It comes in 4 other colors and fits TTS. For reference, I am wearing a small. If you want a more fitted shirt, I would size down one. I love these thin shirts, because they are great for layering over a workout tank, wearing to run errands and the best part is, it covers my backside! Grab yours here.

outfit details: leggings | black long sleeve tee | sunglasses

Now that my new goodies are out of the way! Let me recap my first 15 Days of Whole 30.

When you first start, expect to have low energy levels. This is sort of the detox happening with your body. Depending on how you ate leading up to your Whole 30 makes a difference as well. My body was detoxing sugar for sure!

DAYS 1-15

Days 1-5: Started the day with warm lemon water. No workouts. I wanted to focus on the plan and get back on track. I was sluggish and tired most of these days, but kept myself busy cooking new recipes and my usual daily activities with my boys and work.

Day 6-10: Started working out again. Energy levels were returning! I was feeling nauseous in the mornings after breakfast, so I cut out the lemon water and it went away. (strange?) I am going to bring it back in on Day 16 to see what happens. I haven’t any major cravings this go round. I have had them in the past and usually would drink a cup of hot tea. Hard to believe but it helps! Try peppermint and ginger tea or chamomile at night. I also felt like I was sleeping better at night.

Day 11-15: Continued workouts. Feeling more rested and energized through out the day. No naps needed and being more productive as the day goes. Disclaimer: Mom of 3 here, so yes I am tired…..but not like I normally am come 2pm. To help my sweet tooth, I sneak in a Whole 30 approved Lara Bar. I do try to limit them, but if it’s needed I don’t deprive myself. You can check out my Whole 30 Amazon Blog Post here.


  1. Clean out your pantry/fridge before you start. Even if you have to tell your hubby all the ice cream must go until you are done with Whole 30.
  2. Stock up on approved snacks and always pack them when you leave the house. This will be helpful in emergency situations until you figure out your eating patterns.
  3. Don’t stock the fridge with too much fresh stuff, it will just go bad! Try hitting the store 2-3 times a week for quick trips. Or use grocery pick up if you are short on time.
  4. Measure and weigh at the beginning and DON’T do it again until the end.
  5. If you are planning to eat out, check the menu before hand and figure out what you can have and what you will order. You usually can find 1-2 things on any menu that will be ok for your meal. Even if you pack your own salad dressing. πŸ™‚
  6. Plan. Make sure you have your day planned as to what you will eat especially if you are headed to work or out of the house.
  7. Try new recipes so you don’t get bored, cook out of the Whole 30 books. I love their recipes and use them year round.
  8. Try to get plenty of rest, especially at the beginning because you will be extra tired.
  9. Drink water.
  10. Make your goals. And Crush them!


I enjoy trying new recipes and mixing it up! I get bored if I am eating the same thing for dinner, so be sure to check out Instagram, Pinterest for new recipes. There are so many good ones out there!

  1. Loaded Sweet Potato Fries – The Defined Dish
  2. Chicken Wings with Buffalo Dipping Sauce – Paleo Running Momma
  3. Eggroll In A Skillet – Visit my Whole 30 Instagram Highlights Video for this easy 20 minute dinner recipe.
  4. Chili – Original Whole 30 Cookbook (my son’s fave)


Whole 30 is something I personally enjoy doing. It is something that works for me, and I feel great once the 30 days are up. It also helps me stay focused throughout the year, and I make better food choices. Whole 30 likes to call it “food freedom” . Finding something that works for you and makes you feel good is number one! πŸ™‚

What are your thoughts on Whole30? Have you ever done it? Do you hate or love it? I love sharing things I am passionate about and Whole 30 is one of them. I look forward to sharing more results after the full 30 days! Stay tuned!

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