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Hi friends,

As most of you know, especially if you follow me on Instagram I have 3 adorable boys that keep me busy all day, everyday!  Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂 Working out and having a fitness routine is something I am very passionate about.  Finding time and the energy to workout can always be challenging, whether you are working a full time job, staying home raising little ones or juggling both.

This blog post is all about working out at home and my results doing BBG!

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Deciding to start a workout routine can be very intimidating!  It can be tiring, exhausting, annoying, but the outcome can be so GREAT!!!  The biggest step is the first one.  When you decide to start a routine, make sure to find something you love and have fun doing.  Doing a routine you love makes it something to look forward to and not dread.

After baby #3 I have been exercising mostly at home because it just works with my schedule right now. I don’t have to worry about childcare and it gives me more time during the day.

So, if you are ready to try a new at home program or just want to mix in some different workouts I highly recommend BBG.  You can click here to read all about Kayla Itsine’s workout program.  (This is not sponsored in any way). This program is an amazing workout for anyone.  One thing I love about this program is everything is mapped out for you and explained.  If you are a beginner or even advanced this 28 minute daily workout is something that can be done at home with minimal equipment.

Before I dive into BBG, let’s first talk about this outfit!  I just completed week 7 of BBG and this was my “reward” to myself because let’s be honest……new workout clothes that you feel good in is always a good motivator for me to keep working hard!  Plus I always like to set goals for myself and reward myself for being consistent.

shop the look: Target leggings | Target sports bra | Target tank top | Nike shoes (newer style)

These leggings are so fun!  I love that they are hitting on the camo trend, but still under $28.  They also come in a grey camo.  I personally sized down one size in these for a tighter fit.  They are high-waisted and I like how the backside is black. 😉

I also grabbed the matching sports bra that runs TTS and has a great supportive fit.  This black tank I am wearing comes in multiple colors and I am wearing a small.  I would maybe recommend sizing down in this top for a fitted look.  This is such a great and comfy workout top and you can’t beat the $12.99 price tag.

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BBG Breakdown

BBG is a 12 week at home workout that can be done in as little as 28 minutes a day.  Every week, you have a outline of what you are suppose to do each day.  M, W, F  you are focusing on different areas of your body with some weights.  For example, Monday is usually leg day and your exercises focus on the different leg muscles, but you are also doing some exercises to bring the heart rate up at the same time.  Another day, may be arms and abs where you just focus on those particular muscles for the 28 minutes.  The other three days, T, TH, and Saturday are LISS cardio for 35-40 minutes.   LISS cardio stands for Low Intensity Steady State which is the opposite of HITT.  You want to maintain the same pace for a set period of time when you are doing LISS.  I personally like to go for a jog outside, but you can choose your favorite type of cardio for these days.

28 minute breakdown

The 28 minutes “weight” days are broken up into four 7 minute circuits.  You rotate through 4 different exercises as many times as you can until the 7 minutes are up.  You will repeat each circuit twice adding up to 4 circuits.  You also have a little break between sets, but not long….. just enough time to grab a quick sip of water.

I have noticed so much change doing BBG.  After a few weeks I could tell I was getting stronger.  Certain exercises were easier, and my circuit speed started to increase.  After completing 6 weeks I have noticed more definition in my arms, stomach and legs.  I am sleeping better and always have more energy when I am consistently working out.  I can’t wait to finish the 12 week program and see more results.  Unfortunately I didn’t write down my measurements this go round, but I am noticing a lot of change.

If you are looking to start something new, I would recommend BBG.  It is hard I am not going to lie, but this routine gives me results.  Check out the program here.  You can also try the program for 7 days before committing to it.  This is what I did the first time I did BBG and then decided to go for it!

Tips To Stay Motivated
  1. Workout buddy- Get someone to workout with, check in on, motivate each other daily.
  2. Get it done early- Get your workout done first thing in the morning so you aren’t likely to skip it later.
  3. Plan for you day off- Map out your week and decide what day you are going to take off, this helps with schedule conflicts and days you feel too tired to workout
  4. Water-Drink plenty of water through out the day for hydration. I try to increase my intake when I am working out.
  5. Set a goal- Whether it’s a 2 week or 4 week goal, reward yourself for finishing the week strong. (a Starbucks, pedicure, new book, dinner at your favorite spot, new outfit)
  6. Lifestyle- Make sure you are making a change in the kitchen when starting a workout routine.  This way you will see the results you want.
  7. Plan- Make sure to map out your day, if you are planning a morning workout, afternoon or evening.  Plan it and stick to it.

shop the look: Target leggings | Target sports bra | Target tank top | Nike shoes (newer style)

Fitness is something I have always been very passionate about.  I am always curious about different workouts and love trying new things.  The most important thing is to find something that works for you and your body.   What workouts do you like to do at home?  Or at the gym?  Share your favorites!

XO, Ja’Net

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  1. I love this post. I always work out at home too, it’s so much more convenient. Daily walks and strength training are my go too.

    1. Yes! I agree. Strength training is so important. I avoided it for years, and now have worked it into my routine and I can see the results! 🙂

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