Part 2: Home Workout | BBG Recap Week 7-12

Hi friends,

I recently asked if you guys would want to see a recap blog post about finishing my 12 week round of BBG!  The votes came in and most of them were a yes.  If you missed my first post about the first 6 weeks of this program, click here for the details.

This blog post is all about the last half of BBG and my thoughts on the program.  I also did real life photos since I am at home during this workout, and usually working out alone.

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On a fashion note, by request, I am in the process of trying different brands of workout wear that are reasonably priced, but also function as good workout wear.  Blog post coming soon!  Let’s be honest, we all LOVE Lulu, but for as much as I wear workout wear, I can’t buy it all the time.

These leggings from Nordstrom are another brand that I have had for quite sometime now.  They are great for an everyday black legging or a high-waisted workout legging.  I use them for both.  They have a high-waist band that doesn’t slide down and will stay put.  They also are moisture wicking which keeps you cool and dry!  I like to throw these on to run errands around town, and they double great for my workouts.  These leggings now come in a several other colors too.  So, be sure to check out the navy and green pair that I have my eye on!   For reference, I am wearing a small.

I also picked up this tank at Academy the other weekend.  Unfortunately I can’t link it here through LTK, but I have found some similar tanks online!

Also, these shoes are still going strong!  You’ve heard me talk about them before and now they come in like 4 other colors!  I have been using them for BBG and outdoor running and love them.  For reference, I sized up 1/2 size in this pair.

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Working out is something I have always enjoyed doing.  I first started out running but constant running as taken a toll on my knees.  As I have gotten older, my distances have gotten shorter, but I still find time to sneak in a 3-4 mile run when I have some free time.

After having my third son, as you know the gym wasn’t going to work with my schedule, so I had to find something I could do at home and still see results!  BBG was it for me.  To read more about this program you can check out the website by clicking here.  I also highly recommend trying the 7 day free trial!

WEEK 7-12

This program continues to focus on 3 HIIT/weights days where you focus one day on legs, one on arms, and one full body or abs day.  Then the other two days, you will do a low intensity cardio called LISS.  This usually consists of walking or jogging for me while pushing my little guy in the stroller.  But if you are not a runner, cycling is another great option.

The program starts on a Monday and goes through Friday, but I tend to stick an off day in during the week and move a workout to the weekend.  This helps me continue to be successful.  I also listen to my body and know when I need to take a day of rest whether it’s because I have too much going on that day or my body is just calling for rest.  I like squeezing in a weekend workout because I can sneak away by myself since my husband is usually home.  Finding the right schedule for you, is so important for a successful workout routine.

Finishing BBG was a huge accomplishment this go round.  It is one of those things when you pass the half way mark and are seeing results you must keep going.  I continued to feel stronger and see more muscle definition as the weeks progressed.  This program has made me a lot stronger.  I have seen more definition in my legs, arms and abs.  It has been amazing to see how much easier 10 push-ups is to finish as when I started it was a major struggle.


Staying motivated is something many struggle with including me!  I am a group fitness person all the way.  I LOVE working out with friends, but sometimes it just isn’t going to work with my schedule.  Finding what motivates you will help keep you consistent and on track.

Tips To Stay Motivated
  1. Workout buddy- Get someone to workout with, check in with, motivate each other daily.
  2. Get it done early- Get your workout done first thing in the morning so you aren’t likely to skip it later.
  3. Plan for your day off- Map out your week and decide what day you are going to take off, this helps with schedule conflicts and days you feel too tired to workout
  4. Water-Drink plenty of water through out the day for hydration. I try to increase my intake when I am working out.
  5. Set a goal- Whether it’s a 2 week or 4 week goal, reward yourself for finishing the week strong. (a Starbucks, pedicure, new book, dinner at your favorite spot, new outfit)
  6. Lifestyle- Make sure you are making a change in the kitchen when starting a workout routine.  It doesn’t have to be huge.  A small change, for example: No sweets can do wonders for you.
  7. Plan- Make sure to map out your day, if you are planning a morning workout, afternoon or evening.  Plan it and stick to it.

The most important tip about finishing a routine/program is to stay consistent.  Try your best not to skip workouts.  Also, it is extremely important to watch what you are eating.   If you don’t follow a strict clean lifestyle or a healthy eating routine, limiting your sweets, alcohol and processed foods will give you more results.  Just think, the better you eat the more results you will see.

I have started BBG TWO now!  So stay tuned for more updates on how this second round is going!  The format is the same, but HARDER and there are some optional challenges that you can complete.  I have done one and it was a great challenge!  Stay tuned for more!

XO, Ja’Net

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