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2021 is here and we are choosing to continue to focus on the positive and the good. The new year brings purging and decluttering the house and getting things back in order after the holidays. With a family of 5 our house is busy and full of stuff! Especially with 3 boys, I save so much to pass down to the next one things get out of control pretty quickly. We do a lot of donating to the Salvation Army as well as a local women’s donation center that helps women and children.

When I start to organize a space in my home I choose one spot at a time and purge first. This week I choose my pantry because after the holidays there are a lot of extras in the pantry I no longer need or want to see everyday. Good bye chocolate Ritz and peanut butter cups. 😉 Come on inside, and I will show you how I keep an organized, full pantry looking neat for a family of 5!

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Shop the details || cereal containers (set of 3)

One of my favorite sets are these airtight snack / cereal containers that are sold in a set of three. I ordered these last January and they work so well in our space. The size holds an average box of cereal. (not family size box) Besides being airtight they are easy to use and my boys can open and close the lid and pour their cereal and snack on their own. I just added one more set of 3 to our pantry.

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shop the details: kitchen shelf

These shelves are one of my favorite organizing pieces for a pantry. You can stack cans and smaller items in one spot and it is still all visible to the eye.


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more items needed to complete this box project (click here if widget images do not appear)

I learned early on that kids bring home A LOT of stuff from preschool and it hasn’t stopped in elementary. Someone once gave me the advice to throw away most of it, if its not a keepsake, handprint, thumbprint, portrait or memorial art. At first I thought, well why. I could I ever throw away that scribble or water color picture we painted on a rainy Saturday. Well, ask me now and YES I can throw it away because there is so much and it will take over your space.

To help keep things in order I have found that getting a file folder storage box for each child and labeling it by preschool year or elementary grade I can easily throw everything in to one spot throughout the year. At the end of the school year, I typically go through the folder and decide what is to save, what I might want to frame and display and then what I can toss.

These boxes have been a life saver during the busy school year. I will save happy notes, school pictures, report cards, drawings, stories the boys have written, grades, until it’s time to clean it out at the end of the school year. These large boxes are for my older two boys, I have had these for year and they work really well. I also plan to carry these boxes through graduation, so then at some point I can just pass along the box to them and they can do what they want with it, or even save it for the grandchildren to see. 🙂

This large file folder box is more eye appealing if you want to leave it out or store in a study. There is even a two pack option! Click HERE to shop this box.

For my youngest son, I ordered something a little different. It isn’t quite as large, but I think it still will work! Click HERE for this box.

Another quick way to organize a workspace especially if you have kids who are homeschooling or a hubby working from home. I picked this rolling cart up at TJ MAXX over the weekend, but found several similar ones on Amazon! Click HERE to browse my Amazon findings, plus I linked some on my STOREFRONT.

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I shared a quick video on how this cord hider box works and how I use it on my kitchen counter to hide all the plugs. PLUS this sleek socket plug cover makes your kitchen space look nice, neat and organized. Click HERE for the video.

More Organizing Favorites:

Clear book ends – I use these on bookshelves in the study and in the kids rooms with their books. They are basically invisible, but hold books really well with a clean, sleek look. Highly recommend these!

Water bottle holder – to all the mom’s out there that have 1,000 water bottles to keep up with and they all fall over when you open the cabinet this one is for you.

Mop and broom garage holder – this is such a simple item but makes a world of difference. It keeps everything off the floor and in one spot, so even the kids know where to go and grab the broom.

Fabric storage cubes – I have similar cubes in the playroom to hold all the kids toys. It keeps them neat and hidden. Great for sliding in and out of a bookcase.

Wide Drawers – these always sell out so fast in the new year, but a great basic to have if you can snag a few. I have one in my boys’ closets. This holds their extra set of sheets, sports uniforms and swimsuits and towels. It is great for things that you don’t want to get mixed in with the everyday wear. Plus adds extra storage if needed.

3 drawer cart – and we use these rolling carts for the mass amount of LEGOS I don’t want to see lying around. 🙂 My oldest will wheel it into his bedroom too if he wants to work on something, so the wheels do come in handy.

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