Well friends! Another Whole30 in the books and can I just say I am glad to be finished! How I feel and what I crave changes every time I’ve done it! Like I have mentioned before I am a veteran with Whole30 (not a pro) ๐Ÿ˜‰ but each time I learn something new and enjoy trying the new recipes.

Whole30 recipes are free and everywhere these days. Peek around on Pinterest. They are all sooooo good too! We cook a lot of them year round even when not living a strict Whole30 lifestyle.

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SHOP THE LOOK: Dress | nude shoes | similar clutch | sunglasses |similar earrings

SHOP THE LOOK: Dress | nude shoes | similar clutch | sunglasses |similar earrings

I have to say my most favorite part of Whole30 is the end! I ordered this fun polka dot swing dress from Amazon for an upcoming brunch next month and a little reward for completing the program! I love the fit and the sweet ruffles. They are the perfect size where they don’t add any bulk to the dress. This dress fits true to size and also comes in several colors! I really love the green and the red would be perfect for Valentine’s!

My nude block heel mules fit TTS and were an Amazon find last year! I wore them all last summer with dresses and jeans. A great alternative if you don’t want to spend too much on heels. They are comfortable too! My clutch is from Express, but is sold out so I am linking a similar faux suede clutch for you to peek at that I actually like more and it is free prime shipping!

My sunnies are my fave! Just check out the amazing reviews! They are under $90, polarized and the fit is great! They come in other colors too.

Now let’s get to the good stuff! My WHOLE30 Recap.


Whole30 doesn’t have to be just a 30 day program. I feel like it can be viewed that way, but the main goal of doing Whole30 is to teach you good eating habits, detox your body of the sugars, and show you that you CAN do without the processed foods. I am finished with Whole30, but that doesn’t mean I dive back into old habits! ๐Ÿ˜‰ What Whole30 has taught me is I can make better choices, but still treat myself on occasion. I can fuel it with healthy alternatives. Sugar is addictive and when you allow your body to have sugar daily and lots of it, that is when your body craves and depends on it.

Whole30 has taught me to read my labels, be conscious of what goes into my mouth. I am a big “snacker”!! Being home a lot during the day with my children I don’t realize how much unconsciously take a bite of something here and there. Doing Whole30 is a big eye opener for me. I would grab a handful of chips, but wait I can’t Whole30. OR I would eat the rest of my son’s goldfish snack, but wait I can’t I am doing Whole30. It is incredible how much snacking I normally do and not even realize it!


  1. The first and for most change I notice after about 2-3 weeks on Whole30 is the BLOATING is gone! It is an amazing feeling to not feel bloated and full. It’s a “lighter” feeling.
  2. More energy on some days. It’s not a miracle worker. I am not 100% running around like I am 21 again, but it does help on most days.
  3. You can cook healthy meals that are still tasty!
  4. You can eat out! Don’t be afraid to ask for modifications at any restaurant.
  5. Snack awareness. Keep healthy snacks on hand so I don’t eat my kids snacks. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I know some will be interested in the actual physical results. I am sharing them not for comparison because the numbers have been different each time I have done this program. This program works differently for everyone, and no one’s results will be the same results. I measure and weigh myself at the start of a Whole30 and not until the end. (measure at the same time of day) **hide that scale during the month!

My stats: LOST 6.6 Pounds and a total of 7 inches.


This Whole 30 we ventured out a lot and tried some new recipes! In my last blog post I shared our favorites from Day 1-15! So here are a few more that we tried and loved!

Whole30 Chicken Parmesan– The Defined Dish

I also shared my Eggroll in a Skillet recipe in my previous blog post. We mixed it up with scrambled eggs and added green onion. *Cut the coconut aminos in 1/2 if you are going to make it without meat.

Take out options: It’s nice that restaurants are starting to add healthy options to their menus and label it with Whole30, Keto, low carb etc…. I tried the Chipolte’s whole30 bowl and it was delish! Zoe’s Kitchen Whole30 menu is also another great place to try! I ate their salmon and shrimp kabobs this past week loved them both!

If you missed Part 1 Blog Post about this month’s Whole30, click here to read about Day 1-15 and grab more recipes that I loved this past month.

SHOP THE LOOK: Dress | nude shoes | similar clutch | sunglasses | similar earrings

I love sharing and hope this has helped answer any of your Whole30 questions. If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment below. Finding programs that work for you and your lifestyle are the most important thing in my opinion.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about what I love! Have you done Whole30? If so, what is your favorite thing about it? If you haven’t do you have any programs you love to follow?

XO, Ja’Net

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